The Blacklist’s Weecha Xiu star admits they ‘never want to know’ who they’re working with

The Blacklist’s Weecha Xiu star admits they ‘never want to know’ who they’re working with

The Blacklist returns on Friday on NBC

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NBC’s thrilling series, The Blacklist has kept fans hooked and coming back for another instalment each week to watch the task force solve its enthralling and mysterious cases. Actress Diany Rodriguez, who joined season nine as Weecha Xiu, lifted the lid on why she never wanted to know who she was working with.

After making her first appearance in the first episode of season nine, Weecha (Diany Rodriguez) has become a key character in the series.

Her introduction to viewers came as a result of Red Reddington’s (James Spader) disappearance in the two years following Liz Keen’s (Megan Boone) death.

After the season eight finale, the show returned with a time jump which saw Red had gone into hiding.

The task force had also been disbanded as a result of Liz’s death and Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) made it his mission to reunite the agents.

Red was discovered living in Cuba alongside Weecha and her sister Mierce Xui (Karina Arroyave).

Mierce was in charge of caring for his soul and helping him to grieve the death of Liz before the two later got into a relationship.

Whereas Weecha took Dembe’s (Hisham Tawfiz) role as Red’s bodyguard and although she looked small and easy to overpower, she displayed her impressive skills with weapons and fighting.

During an Instagram live with Arroyave and Aram Mojtabai star Amir Aram, Rodriquez opened up about her preparation process and why she doesn’t want to know who she was working with.

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She told her co-stars: “I didn’t know I had a sister or maybe I did. I have a really terrible memory but I don’t recall there being any mention of a sister.

“I only got Red and Weecha scenes, and really dark atmospheric, two and three words.”

Rodriguez recalled: “I remember one of the first scenes I got was from the first episode of season nine when she’s just sitting in the car and she like ‘when are you going to tell me what she meant to you’ and he’s [Red] like ‘She meant everything.’”

“Again because I know the show really well and I love the show, I was like ‘Oh my God, this can’t be right,’ I felt like it was another Blacklister or an agent who was really close with him or could this be the new Dembe.

The actress continued: “Then when I got the script I saw the breakdown … I think I spoke to both of you about this, I never look up names, I never look up who’s where.

“I never want to know who I’m going to be working with or what I’m going to be doing because I’ll just melt into a puddle of nothing.

“I’m an awkward, really shy, just uncomfortable, anxiety-ridden human so I don’t need to know, I just show up, do the job and then I go home.”

Upon discovering her character had a sister, Rodriguez stated she was ”like yes”.

She then confessed: “I started to see how the episodes were going and I decided let me look up my sister Karina.”

“She’s really nice and I really like her, then I saw her credits and I was like ‘Oh s**t’.”

While the two continued to work together on screen, viewers said an emotional goodbye to Karina’s character Mierce during episode eight.

After discovering Red had gone behind her back to seek revenge for Liz, she realised he would continue to harm himself, instead of heal so they parted ways, while Weecha continued to protect him.

The Blacklist is available on NBC. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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