The Apprentice fans slam stomach-churning scenes and rage 'shame on you!' to BBC after latest challenge | The Sun

The Apprentice fans slam stomach-churning scenes and rage 'shame on you!' to BBC after latest challenge | The Sun

FANS were left with their stomach's churning at a grim task during The Apprentice that saw candidates lace dog food with insects.

Viewers of the though BBC contest could not believe their eyes as they watched contestant Megan Hornby create a dog's dinner of her team's food offering.

As pare of the episode, Lord Sugar had tasked the two teams to produce a new range of dog food that could be pitched to retailers in a bid to secure orders.

The process included making the dog food product itself, as well as coming up with the branding and logo and creating a press poster to be used in their pitches.

Megan and her team decided to focus on a healthy offering that was still "packed with protein" however the end result could not have been further from what they were attempting.

Amongst an interesting concoction of potato, sweet potato and gravy, Megan opted to include a whole host of mealworms to the dish.

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The insect-laced meal ended up resembling a wet beige slime that would put any dog off its dinner – as proven in the consumer research part of the task.

Viewers at home were left feeling sick, especially when Megan herself opted to try out the food to see if it was good enough to be fed to a pooch.

One fuming fan said on Twitter: “I wouldn’t even get a free sample of insect dog food for my dogs as it weirded me out so much."

While a second slammed the idea, writing: “Insect dog food….like what the f***?”

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Another raged: "Dog food with insects in? Eh? My dog wouldn't eat that sh**e."

Before one pet owner chimed in to say:  “As a dog dad I’m going to be critical of this – what’s this about insects – our dog’s food has none of that.”

With another echoing: “Owners ain’t going to want their dogs eating insects!”

It was clear to see that Megan and her team were seriously falling behind their fellow competitors after failing to impress any potential buyers and securing a dismal zero orders which saw them all instantly brought back into the boardroom.

It was Simba Rwambiwa that fell at the final hurdle after Lord Sugar felt as though he failed to make ample contributions throughout the task and struggled to have his voice heard against headstrong Dani Donovan.

Lord Sugar dealt Simba a devastating blow as he brutally fired him from the contest on the basis he had nothing "worth listening to".

Speaking to him in the boardroom, Lord Sugar told him: “Simba, if you don’t say anything worth listening to, then are you somebody who could qualify to be my business partner?… They say every dog has its day and sadly, Simba, it’s nor your day. It is with regret, you’re fired!"

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