Temptation Island's Ashley slams Casey's shock proposal on show final and reveals his off-screen attempt to win her back

Temptation Island's Ashley slams Casey's shock proposal on show final and reveals his off-screen attempt to win her back

TEMPTATION Island's Ashley has slammed Casey for his shock proposal on the final show – and revealed his attempts to win her back.

The former couple took part in the series, which aired in the UK on E4 this year, in 2019 – and fans have been shocked by their on-screen relationship.

Last week's episode saw Casey left gobsmacked when he was forced to watch girlfriend Ashley have sex with contestant Ben at the campfire.

Despite this – Casey went on at the end of the series to get down on one knee and propose to Ashley, and desperately try and win her over.

Speaking on the Reality Steve podcast, Ashley revealed that she was horrified by the proposal, admitting for the first time she was "so mad".

"I had an idea that maybe he was going to do it but, I was thinking before, even before we went on the island, 'I want to marry you'," she began.

"I asked 'Would you propose to me' and stuff like that and he was like, 'Not any time soon, I don't want it to be any time soon'.

"So when it happened, I was like, 'This is just him trying to do everything in his power to win me back'. But who wants to be proposed to like that?"

Ashley added that she felt it was "not the way to do it" and that she was "really upset" with Casey for going ahead without getting her opinion.

"He was proposing to me and I didn't even get to say my words," she added. "That was a problem we've had in our relationship, like 'You don't let me speak'. So I was pissed about that too."

Having broken it off and gone their separate ways after the show, Ashley added that Casey still tried to win her back by "coming over" to her house.

"He brought flowers, dropped stuff off at the front door, and he had to drive two hours to do that and then he just drove home," Ashley revealed.

"We talked and he tried to like get me back and all that – like he's really tried to get me back into the relationship and begged me to come home."

The reality star said she "still loved and cared about him" but felt the relationship wasn't best for her "right now" and needed time apart.

But that doesn't mean never say never, as Ashley teased that she felt if they both "worked on" themselves, "you never know what could happen".

"I love the guy, he's a nice person, he's a good person," she concluded of Casey, adding that "so much has happened" since the proposal.

"I still love Casey and I still care about him, I just don't think he's fit to be in a relationship right now. It’s not his time to be in a relationship with anyone because he just doesn't know what a relationship is."

In the tell-all chat, Ashley also confirmed that she "did not have sex" with Casey after the show and that the pair have no reconciled despite being "friends".

She also slammed Ben, who she cheated on her former boyfriend with on the show, for being a "f***boy" and "not very nice" off the show.

"Ben is a completely different person on the island than he is in real life," she concluded. "I kept just finding out about more and more girls he was hanging out with. He’s a f***boy."

In last week's episode, fans saw Casey break down in tears when he was forced to watch girlfriend Ashley have sex with Ben at the campfire.

Having gone on a date with Ben, Ashley and her new interest shared a passionate kiss which leads to them spending the night together.

The whole thing then gets shown to Casey in a brutal moment around the bonfire and he can’t quite believe his eyes as he watches them between the sheets.

After the shock wears off, he starts crying and punching his seat in anger and frustration – in very hard-to-watch scenes. 

The highly-popular reality television program, hosted by Mark Walberg, revolves around several couples agreeing to live with a group of singles of the opposite sex in order to see how faithful they are.

However, Casey has hit out at the show's production on multiple occasions for being manipulative, labelling it "Manipulation Island".

He said at the time of the show airing: "They made it blatantly obvious they had stories written for all of us we were supposed to follow."

Asked about how he felt filming the series on Instagram in 2019 he replied: "Every day was hell" – and making it clear he was far from impressed about the way he was edited.

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