Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for 'mocking' husband David Eason's daughter Maryssa, 11

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for 'mocking' husband David Eason's daughter Maryssa, 11

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans faced fan fury after she mimicked husband David Eason's 11-year-old daughter when she bravely testified against the couple in court.

The MTV personality took to her YouTube channel for the latest episode in her I Have Something To Say series, which began with a summary of her spouse's sessions for anger management.

In the online channel, the 28-year-old aims to clear her name following the two months in 2019 that CPS removed her children from her care.

Sitting in front of the screen at home for the fifth episode, Jenelle told how the couple had returned from court after facing a new judge.

Jenelle told how Maryssa, David's daughter from another relationship, had testified against them for a second time, yet concluded the process was "smoother than the first."

The mom of three then put on a high-pitched squeal voice as she mimicked the schoolgirl and said: "Her story went from last time 'David pushed down a door with his two bare hands'.

"Now it's 'David ripped a screen door off the front door' – we never had a screen door.

"A few minutes later she goes 'we don't have screen doors on anything'," before Jenelle waved her hands around in exaggeration.

The MTV star, who found fame on Teen Mom 2, added: "I'm like wowwww."

"Then she [Maryssa] said she acts happy even when it's a candid video that I've presented to the court.

"And she claims that she's been scared and not wanted to live with us for the past two years and not wanted to live with us in the first place."

After speaking in a baby voice to portray the youngster saying: "No," Jenelle imitated her saying: "I just want to go to normal school – I just want to go to my old school."

In her conclusion, the brunette surmised: "So it's like she's doing all this and testifying against us and saying all these bad things just cause she wants to go to her old school."

One enraged viewer commented straight under the YouTube message and put: "Omg talking about Maryssa like that, I feel so scared for her having to be back there with y’all just because she told the truth on the stand!!! Wow wow wow that just told me all I needed to know honestly, anyone else?!!!

"She’s the f**king child, she shouldn’t even have to be testifying!!! And you want to blame and shame and put her down when this is yalls fault to begin with?!! Can you imagine telling the courts the truth and then having to go back with the people you just testified against?"

Another then ranted: "And she's now taunting her step daughter.?! Talking about a child like that.

"Christ, you have to be a proper imbecile to edit this together and think you're coming across like a well rounded adult."

One added: "The fact that she degraded Maryssa her step daughter at 12:00 is foul and DISGUSTING!!"

A YouTube user bluntly commented: "Why are you crap talking Maryssa, a child?

"You’re gross."

One then surmised: "Belittling and speaking down on a child and assuming that she said what she said because she 'wants to go to a different school' or whatever the excuse may be is sooo disrespectful and full of assumption."

Meanwhile David, to whom she has been married since 2018, has always denied any allegations of abuse.

Jenelle has been claiming in recent weeks that CPS “illegally” took her children “out of the home.”

Jenelle signed over custody of her oldest son Jace, 11, to her mother Barbara after his birth because she was in and out of jail.

She is also mom to three-year-old Ensley, Kaiser, six, and stepmom to Maryssa.







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