Teen Mom fans shocked as Jenelle Evans' ex Nathan Griffith posts completely naked photo on TikTok to show off 'leg day'

Teen Mom fans shocked as Jenelle Evans' ex Nathan Griffith posts completely naked photo on TikTok to show off 'leg day'

TEEN Mom fans were shocked as Jenelle Evans' ex Nathan Griffith posted a completely naked photo on TikTok to show off "leg day."

Nathan recently opened up about how his time on the reality show ruined his life and that it put a target on his back, as he struggles with PTSD. 

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Nathan shared a TikTok video showing three snaps from his leg day workout.

He posted a pic of a barbell on the floor, a fully naked selfie and then a top-down shot of thighs and calves.

However, Teen Mom fans were not impressed and shared on Reddit: "I’m just imagining the child-sized swimsuit he must have been wearing in order to get those tan lines. He must have looked so silly. Like Johnny Bravo in a Speedo."

Another noted: "I almost feel bad for Nathan. His video still only has 21 likes and 2 comments. Definitely not the amount of attention he was seeking. Lmao."

Others added: "Who does this?! A f**king weirdo does this. What a psycho bro no one cares about your legs abs your nasty naked body."

Another wrote: "Now that's just unnecessary, Nathan. Sick."

In an interview with The Sun last week, Nathan said: “They want to show the struggles of these moms, but they don't care about what they do to the fathers, or the siblings or anything really- as long as they can show what these moms are going through.

“How they wanted to portray me as a person, isn’t who I really am, and it made my life so difficult because of it.

"I used to work out with cops, politicians, lawyers, but because of the media, I’ve lost a lot of friends and my reputation."

“I lived in Myrtle Beach for seven or eight years, and I was never in trouble once before I met Jenelle Evans," he added.

“And it's not because of Jenelle Evans, it's because reality TV puts this stigma on these celebrities."

Nathan says Teen Mom began as a pseudo-documentary with some educational value and focused on the struggles of actual teenage mothers.

But it turned into a full-blown reality show. 

He said by the time he was on the show, the production gave newcomers whatever treatment would fit their narrative.  

“Because I was this gym jockey, they had to make me look stupid.” 

At the time Nathan, who was an up-and-coming model, said that he lost what could have been lucrative deals because of his involvement on the show.

“I lost two modeling contracts, one with Jockey and one with 2(X)IST. They both came back to me and said that due to the ‘potential negative publicity’ we cannot move forward with your contract right now.” 

Nathan, who previously opened up to The Sun about his struggles with PTSD said if MTV really wanted to make a difference and do some good, as he feels may have been the initial intention with Teen Mom, they should focus on the lives of soldiers. 

“If MTV really wanted to help people, they should focus on the stories of the men and women overseas and what they go through once they come home.” 

He also said his involvement in the series exacerbated his PTSD since living in the spotlight garnered him unwanted attention from the police. 

“I was dating Jenelle and I was in the spotlight. I would get pulled over all the time. I also have Traumatic Brain Injury on top of PTSD.”  

Nathan said that the police confrontations were triggering.  

“I would feel threatened, and any military man out there would feel this way, when someone has a gun, your life feels threatened. Especially when the cop puts his hand on the gun- it's fight or flight.” 

Nathan is now living in Florida but returns to North Carolina for visits with his children.  

He recently told The Sun his formerly contentious relationship with his reality star ex is in a better place as they navigate co-parenting.   

Nathan has been enjoying the visitation schedule he and Jenelle finally agreed to in an out-of-court settlement in October of 2020. 

As part of their agreement, Nathan gets Kaiser for several weeks at the beginning of the summer, and every other weekend, along with a holiday schedule.  

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