Teen Mom fans concerned about Jenelle Evans' drinking habits as they spot Corona cans at 11am

Teen Mom fans concerned about Jenelle Evans' drinking habits as they spot Corona cans at 11am

TEEN Mom fans have sparked concern that Jenelle Evans is developing a drinking problem after spotting Corona cans on her desk at 11am.

The former Teen Mom 2 star has been spotted with alcohol in several daytime videos, leaving her following to speculate over her habits.

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Fans first spotted drinks appearing in the background when Jenelle was seen sipping on a Corona Lite in an Instagram Live during the day.

Earlier this year, a Reddit user pointed out Jenelle, 29, had been drinking a Corona from a can while working on her podcast in the morning.

"If I was unemployed I'd probably be having Coronas at 11am too," one person wrote under a screenshot of the alleged drink.

"That is so cringe for her," a second chimed in. "I wonder how many she drinks in a day… So many questions. Does she black out by 11pm?"

A third simply slammed her for "sipping Corona like water" and suggested that she was "addicted to not being sober" in another comment.

In a related thread, a fan noted Jenelle had also walked by husband David Eason's live streams and "tried to conceal her beer" on one occasion.

Others noted the couple showing off their "frequent visits" to bars and restaurants, where they sink their way through large cocktails.

Followers have expressed their concerns especially about Jenelle "trying to be sneaky", ScreenRant reported, and "hiding" her drink in photos.

In April, the mother-of-three insisted she is NOT an alcoholic and only drinks "three beers a week" after fans slammed her for drinking in the afternoon.

During a recent YouTube video, Jenelle called out fans that said she drinks too much.

After reading an article headline that claimed she has a drinking problem, Jenelle said: "Y'all, if you even knew. When I was younger I drank so much liquor. You can call me an alcoholic when I was younger."

She then shared a story as she recalled: "One time when I was on the beach and I went to the beach with my mom, it was the first time or second time I got drunk and I think I was 14 or 15-years-old.

"And all my friends were on the beach that I saw by the pier and we went over there and they took out their big a** soda bottle full of Everclear."

The MTV star continued: "I drank it and it was so cold that it didn't really burn that much at the time and then I was super trashed. I had to walk back to my mom's beach towel and I knew she was there.

"And needless to say I could hardly walk because it was sandy and it's hard to walk in the sand when you're drunk."

She concluded: "Yeah, I was grounded for about a month."

After noting that she drank a lot when dating ex Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said that she began to have esophagus problems and "if I drank too much I'd start having esophagus spasms at the end of the night and I'd be throwing up."

The Teen Mom 2 alum said: "With that being said, I completely stopped drinking liquor."

Jenelle then shared that she and husband David Eason now only drink beer, stating that she has "two to three a week."

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