Summer House's Carl Radke said his brother was 'in a good place' during quarantine one month before fatal drug overdose

Summer House's Carl Radke said his brother was 'in a good place' during quarantine one month before fatal drug overdose

SUMMER House star Carl Radke said is brother was "in a good place" during quarantine just one month before his fatal drug overdose.

The TV personality briefly spoke about his relationship with his brother during Thursday's episode of the Bravo show.

Carl's brother Curtis tragically passed away in August, which was less than a month after the episode was filmed.

During the latest episode, the 35-year-old spoke about how close he had become with his brother due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Carl admitted he had previously "distanced himself" from Curtis due to his addicition, though he got clean "due to Covid."

The TV personality added that his brother went to treatment, explaining: "Instead of being in for three months, he was in six months."

Carl, who had recently decided to become sober, continued: "It's kind of interesting. I was trying not to be like him and I ended up turning into him.

"Now being sober and clear headed, I want to try to rectify our relationship."

The Summer House star added that his brother was "in a good place" after quarantine.

Back in September, Carl took to Instagram to talk about his older brother's tragic passing.

Along with a picture of him, he shared: "A couple of weeks ago, my brother Curtis passed away after a life-long battle with mental illness and addiction.

"Losing my big brother is something I never could have imagined, and the sense of loss is even greater.

"My brother had an amazing sense of humor. The quotes and silly scenes in movies that we would share are still making me laugh. As children of the 90s, we both lived through the DARE campaign."

During last week's Season 5 premiere of Summer House, Carl opened up about his decision to become sober.

The Bravo star told his housemates that he knew something was wrong when he met friends for dinner and "showed up wasted and basically couldn't make it through the dinner without falling asleep."

He said: "That was the wake up call I needed to make a big change in my life.

"I drank to black out cause I couldn't deal with the stress and the anger I had regarding my parents' divorce, my relationships, my jobs.

"My therapist was alcohol."

Fans quickly took to Twitter to praise Carl's appearance and attitude, as many agreed he had a "glow up."

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