Succession’s Roman Roy star ‘so upset’ and ‘shaky’ filming final scene

Succession’s Roman Roy star ‘so upset’ and ‘shaky’ filming final scene

Succession: HBO teases season finale of hit show

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HBO’s hit drama Succession followed the lives of the dysfunctional Roy family and their battle for power. After season three ended with a significant betrayal, Gerri star J. Smith-Cameron opened up about the unforgettable finale.

In season one, the Logan family led by patriarch Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) reunited to find out whether or not their father would be stepping down as CEO of Waystar Royco.

As the business was a successful billion-dollar media conglomerate, the adult siblings were eager to see who would be appointed to become the successor.

However, despite a brain haemorrhage Logan decided not to step down, which inspired a battle for power among his children.

In the middle was Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron) the company’s general counsel and interim CEO, who had also been entangled in the family’s drama on multiple occasions.

When season three ended in December and the finale saw a jaw-dropping end after Tom Wambsgans’ (Matthew Mcfadyen) betrayal was revealed.

Although his wife Siobhan ‘Shiv’ Roy (Sarah Snook) was also in line for becoming CEO, he potentially ruined her chances by exposing the siblings’ plans.

Tom told Logan his children were going ahead with a coup to take control of Waystar Royco.

This was another attempt at Tom seeking approval from Logan, with whom he was infatuated and he did so by throwing his wife under the bus.

In another major scene, the tables turned when Gerri turned her back on Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin).

She shut down his pleas for help after suffering embarrassment when Roman accidentally sent a photo of his genitals to his father, instead of her.

When he approached her, after Tom’s betrayal, Gerri coldly said: “I’m focused on whatever outcome best serves the financial interests of the shareholders of the company.”

Confirming her change of heart, she added: “It doesn’t serve my interests.”

In an interview with Goldderby, J. Smith-Cameron opened up about the finale and shared some behind-the-scenes moments.

The actress revealed as they filmed the scene she had “heat stroke on and off,” and added working in a cold room “was literally and figuratively a climate change”.

In episode eight which was titled ‘Chiantishire,’ the characters travelled to Tuscany, Italy.

The final two episodes saw the wedding of Logan’s second wife, Lady Caroline Collingwood (Dame Harriet Walter) to Peter Munion (Pip Torrens).

During her character’s scene with Roman, Smith-Cameron stated the setting felt like a “Medici room” where “rich people from 500 years ago had sat”.

She revealed she felt the scene was “very momentous,” especially because “Kieran was so upset, he was shaky and his eyes were pink and wet”.

The actress remarked: “He was really, deeply rattled. I’ll never forget it.”

Succession is available on HBO in the US and is available on NOW in the UK.

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