Succession fans convinced they've already solved season 3 twist after explosive new trailer

Succession fans convinced they've already solved season 3 twist after explosive new trailer

SUCCESSION fans are convinced they've already solved the season three twist after seeing its explosive new trailer.

The HBO series follows the Roy family as they grapple their way to the top of their global media company, Waystar Royco.

Series two ended with a dramatic twist which saw Kendall deciding not to take the fall for the company's involvement in the cruise line coverups and opting to out his father Logan as a liar instead.

Season three's trailer sees the family erupting into all out war, with Kendall telling his siblings: "He’s our dad, but he was going to send me to jail. But he’d do the same to all of us.”

Logan's daughter Shiv is then seen telling her brother: "If I back you against Dad, you'd need to let me take over."

As the trailer then shows virtually every character flipping out, Kendall is heard saying: "Ask yourself, do you want to be on the side of good? Or evil?"

Fans cannot wait for the third series – which was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic – and have discussed what they think the next twist will be.

Some think the series two ending was planned by Logan – played by Brian Cox – all along, with one fan writing on Reddit: "Does anyone think that Logan specifically chose Ken and had him go off script and throw him under the bus to save the company?

"The board will be happy with him stepping down as CEO, and Ken is the perfect white knight to step in? Maybe I am seeing it wrong."

But a fellow fan agreed, writing: "No I agree, Logan even does that little smile."

Another wrote on Reddit: "I'm curious about the sibling alliances too. I think Roman could very well be Team Kendall (possibly). I see Shiv sticking with her father in an attempt to become CEO."

A fellow fan added: "It might be that while Logan steps down he names Shiv his successor in order to set up a puppet regime(Shiv being Logan's puppet) and still controlling everything behind the scenes."

Season three of Succession will air on HBO in the Autumn.

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