Stranger Things creators open up on ‘regret’ over major death ‘What have we done?’

Stranger Things creators open up on ‘regret’ over major death ‘What have we done?’

Stranger Things season four volume two teased in Netflix trailer

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The fourth season of Stranger Things has been heralded as one of the best instalments of the horror drama so far. This time around, the Hawkins gang take on a terrifying new threat dubbed Vecna (played by Jamie Campbell Bower), who has been menacing the town with a series of horrific killings. Creators of the Netflix hit Matt and Ross Duffer have since admitted they were especially sorry to see the killer’s first victim go.

The Duffer Brothers have expressed their regrets over the death of Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) in the first episode of the new season of Stranger Things.

Chrissy is the first Hawkins High School Student to be killed by Vecna, shortly after initiating a drug deal with Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

It soon became clear this is the darkest season of Stranger Things yet when Chrissy is levitated off the ground and brutally killed by a telekinetic force.

However, brothers Matt and Ross revealed they would have liked to have seen how Chrissy and Eddie’s friendship could play out if she had escaped Vecna’s curse.

“We always have those moments [of ‘What have we done?’]” Matt admitted.

“We shot the quote-unquote drug-deal scene in the woods pretty late, actually, into shooting.”

Ross then clarified: “We had already killed Chrissy when we shot that.”

Before their covert meeting in Eddie’s trailer, Chrissy first rendezvous with the eccentric Dungeons and Dragons in the woods to sell the cheerleader drugs to help her anxiety.

Despite coming from completely different social circles, the pair begin to bond over their shared memories from childhood.

Unfortunately, any potential to take their unlikely friendship further was snuffed out when Chrissy’s dark visions manifested into one of the most terrifying deaths the series has featured so far.

On Eddie and Chrissy’s initial meeting, Matt added to TV Line: “The scene came alive in a way that was just so beautiful.

“And so much of that was Joe and Grace. It was just one of those fortunate scenes where we were able to have two cameras rolling capturing them simultaneously.

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“Joe was doing a lot of stuff kinda spontaneously, and we were getting these amazing reactions from Grace.”

Matt also confirmed the writers had a similar reaction when it came time to kill off Bob Newby (Sean Astin), a new love interest for Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) introduced in season two.

He said: “When we killed Bob in season two… I didn’t want to do that.

“We had fallen in love with both the character and Sean Astin. And Sean didn’t want to die. Winona Ryder didn’t want him to die.”

Despite mangling her character beyond recognition for the pleasure of their sadistic new villain, the Stranger Things heads still have plans to work with Grace in the future.

“It’s pretty impressive what Grace was able to do with very, very few scenes, to get people to care like she did,” Matt said of her performance.

“We’ll find something else to do with Grace, something else to do with Sean.”

Whether this means Chrissy and Bob could show up in flashbacks at some point in the next season or the actors will be part of the Duffers’ post-Stranger Things projects is yet to be seen.

Stranger Things season 4, volume 1 is available to stream on Netflix. Volume 2 will be released on Friday, July 1.

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