Steve and Tracy lose everything amid rapist's legal action in Coronation Street

Steve and Tracy lose everything amid rapist's legal action in Coronation Street

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) will do everything they can in Coronation Street to try and support Amy (Elle Mulvaney) soon, who could be sued for libel.

The action will come from Eric, Aaron’s (James Craven) dad.

Once he gets word about a post from Amy’s social media – which details the injustice she’s experienced after being raped by Aaron – Eric vows to make her pay.

He calls at No.1 and announces that he’s suing Amy for libel, and she later receives a letter from his solicitor, ordering her to take down the post or they’ll sue.

Steve advises Amy to stick to her guns, but Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) warns them that if this continues, a libel case could end up costing them a fortune.

With Tracy determined to fight, she and Steve realise they’ll have to sell their businesses in order to fund the legal fees for the case.

Meanwhile, Eric and Aaron meet up with their solicitor, who warns them of the risks of taking the case to Court, as Aaron will be questioned about the night where he raped Amy.

Back on the cobbles, Tracy arranges for a valuation on the florists.

If this doesn’t play out the way Steve, Tracy and Amy are hoping, how will they rebuild their lives if the businesses are lost?

‘She thinks that what she is doing is right and she feels like she is protecting people’, Elle Mulvaney told us recently.

‘The only time when she does start to feel a bit of should I have done is when the consequences start coming in because Amy recognizes this is going to be a really expensive court case for her family. So that’s the only kind of regret as such that she feels but equally Amy backs herself and she stands by her word and she knows that she’s not a liar.

‘So yes, all of these things are bad and the money situation is terrifying but equally she doesn’t regret what she said and she doesn’t take it back because that’s the truth.’

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