Spoilers: Frankie and Mick have an emotional clash in EastEnders

Spoilers: Frankie and Mick have an emotional clash in EastEnders

Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) in EastEnders is no doubt experiencing a confusing a difficult time right now. After telling Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) she thought he was her dad, she learnt her mum, Katy (Simone Lahbib), abused Mick when he was twelve years old.

Desperate for her true nature to not be revealed, Katy then tried to manipulate both Mick and Frankie into thinking that Mick wasn’t her dad, and what he thought had happened was a silly fantasy. While Katy was successful in manipulating Mick, Frankie didn’t fall for it, and has been trying to avoid her mum ever since.

Now Mick has realised Katy did abuse him when he was in care, his current state leads him to have an emotional clash with Frankie when they see each other again.

Frankie is dropped home by the police and Callum (Tony Clay) reminds her she needs to stay out of trouble if she wants to work in Australia. They are interrupted by Stuart (Ricky Champ) who arrives inviting all of them to Mick’s birthday party, unbeknownst to him who Frankie is.

Frankie pushes Stuart for information on Mick, but once she realises Mick has no idea she’s been invited, Frankie is left deflated.

She later sees Mick in the Square and pushes him for answers about her mum but Mick, distracted about Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White), snaps at Frankie, leaving her to rethink about her future.

Will Mick’s ongoing struggle mean he will regret letting Frankie go?

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