Silent Witness viewers rip into ‘worst episode EVER’ as they rage ‘preposterous’ BBC show ‘isn’t what it was’ | The Sun

Silent Witness viewers rip into ‘worst episode EVER’ as they rage ‘preposterous’ BBC show ‘isn’t what it was’ | The Sun

SILENT Witness fans have let rip at the latest series of the BBC show and admit that it 'isn't what it was'.

The long-running drama series has remained a staple of the BBC schedule thanks to its high-octane drama but it appears that after a whopping twenty-six series, fans are wishing that the broadcaster had called it a day.

The show, which stars Emilia Fox, has been on the air since 1996 but fans have not taken too kindly to the latest edition of the programme.

The show has also seen viewing figures drop in recent times, going down from an impressive nine million to slumping at just 6.3 million for last year's run.

Now, amid a series of far-fetched stories and underdeveloped characters, fans have hit out at the programme and branded the latest episode the 'worst ever'.

Taking to Twitter, fans did not mince their words when it came to airing their thoughts.

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One fan said: "Worst episode of silent witness ever. Well done."

Another blasted the show, adding: "Just saying “Silent Witness” not what it was……poor."

A third pleadedwith show bosses to restore the former glory it once held, writing: "#SilentWitness used to be soo good but this series isn’t great – generally just someone running after someone or going into a situation with no back up , story lines too far fetched – please get back to the gripping series it used to be . I miss it."

"Just when you think Silent Witness can’t get more preposterous YOU ARE NOT A DETECTIVE, NICKY ALEXANDER", added another, whilst a fellow fan admitted to feeling like a 'traitor' having finally given up on the show after its mammoth run, commenting: Must admit. I haven't watched since the first episode of this run. Still can't help feeling like a Traitor. Why must TV companies flog every good series to death?"

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The fan fury over the quality of the show comes after they were able to find one thing to praise from the latest run.

Fans were left impressed by the look of Jack Hodgson, played by actor Daniel Caves.

Viewers of the show remarked how his physique appeared to have undergone a 'beefed up' transformation and fans were left swooning over the character.

Taking to Twitter, one fan pointed out the dramatic change as they wrote: "Jack has been bulking up for #SilentWitness."

Another added: "Jack's got beefed up and has the stand ability Moody Blues."

Silent Witness airs Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

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