Selling Sunset’s Amanza teases divide as co-star’s ‘missing’ from series

Selling Sunset’s Amanza teases divide as co-star’s ‘missing’ from series

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn teases release of season 4

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Selling Sunset returns in just two weeks with season four set to be bigger and more dramatic than ever. Amanza Smith, 43, joined the Netflix series in season two and has spoken exclusively to about what fans can expect and it will certainly be explosive. The star also warned fans might be left questioning where one of her colleagues is as they appear to be “missing” throughout filming.

Speaking with, Amanza revealed: “We love our drama, it’s funny because when I joined the cast of season two, I even said to the production ‘I don’t know that I have enough drama in my life.

“Am I really going to be interesting to watch?’ Like, what? I don’t like drama, I really try to avoid it at all costs.

“But there’s something about cameras following your life 24/7, you have a lot more drama than you ever thought you had.

“It’s just because not being featured on a worldwide television show, it doesn’t seem like your life is that dramatic.”

Amanza added: “But the second the cameras turn on, the drama just sort of ensues, but yeah, there’s definitely a lot, I would say season four… It’s definitely got a lot of drama.

“You’ll see different dynamics this season, we have two new cast mates, so people will see two new personalities amongst the group.

“And then also, you just sort of see a little bit of the divide within the group, different friendships sort of change.

“I’m just gonna say there’s one person, and we’ll leave her name out of my mouth, but there’s one person that definitely always knows how to bring the drama on and off-screen.

“You see how that person sort of, you know, different friendships falter because of the drama that this person brings, there’s a bit of a divide amongst certain people that were friends before.

“So, you’ll kind of see how that all plays out, and it’s not really hard to figure out who that person is, if you follow social media, you’ll see who’s sort of not pictured,” she said.

Amanza went on to discuss her own personal drama regarding the father of her children, which viewers will see play out on screen.

“With me, personally, I show a lot more of the personal struggles that are going on with my household and the kids and their dad,” she explained.

“I give a very clear picture of exactly what that all was, it was a little bit vague in season three, I wasn’t able to really share too much, just because I didn’t really know how much to share with the world at the time.

“After months and then a year and a half later, I was able to be very open and just give a very clear picture of exactly what that looks like from our side.

“So, you know, with that comes a lot of emotion you see sort of the whole scope of what we are going through, and it wraps up nicely,” she concluded.

 Netflix confirmed in March that Selling Sunset had been renewed for two more seasons but didn’t reveal a premiere dare as COVID-19 impacted production.

Last month it was confirmed it would drop on Netflix on November 24, which a fifth series following close behind.

The whole cast, including Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Christine Quinn, Amanza Smith, Davina Potratz, Mary Fitzgerald, Romain Bonnet and Maya Vander, will be returning in series four and five.

Chrishell Stause will also be back after her divorce took centre stage in the previous series.

Selling Sunset season 4 is available to stream on Netflix on November 24.
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