Rebel Wilson reveals she put on four stone in one year before lifestyle makeover that helped her get to 12 stone

Rebel Wilson reveals she put on four stone in one year before lifestyle makeover that helped her get to 12 stone

REBEL Wilson revealed that her initial four stone weight gain occurred in just 12 months – after losing it all in her 2020 lifestyle makeover dubbed her ‘year of health’.

The Aussie actor, 40, lost just a little under four stone, reaching her dream weight of just below 12 stone thanks to a healthy diet and new exercise regime.

But now she’s opened up about the lifestyle change to Celebrity SAS star Ant Middleton in a new episode of his Sky One show Straight Talking – confessing that she initially gained the four stone over the course of a year. 

She told former soldier Ant: “When I started gaining quite a lot of weight I was 19 or 20.

“When I went to college, I added 25 kilos [3.93 stone] in a year or two. I was eating a lot.

“I wasn’t loving myself the way I should from 20 to 40. That’s 20 years and I feel so sad I did that to myself, just not loving yourself in the right way.”

Rebel also revealed that she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary System (PCOS), which causes hormone imbalances, as well as turning to comfort eating to deal with her emotions.

She shared: “I’d eat with any emotion. If I was stressed or had exams coming up. 

“But then I'd also eat if I was really happy, like I went out on an awesome night and had a great time.

“Other people would just go home and go to bed but I'll be like, ‘what am I going to do? I'll just eat these chips and then go to bed’.

“What I realise is that, it wasn't treating myself eating 2,000 calories for dessert, that's not treating myself, that is putting toxins in my body that I don't need. Is it momentary comfort? Yes. But the next hour it's fat and it's not healthy for you."

The Pitch Perfect star, who played a character called ‘Fat Amy’ in the musical trilogy, admitted that her new trim physique hasn’t come without it's own emotional challenges – particularly when thinking about her former impact on the plus-size community.

She confessed: “It’s hard because I was so self-confident and don't want to project a message to people that girls can't be happy with themselves at bigger, plus sizes, because I was living the life.”

Rebel’s stint on Ant’s new show also came with another stark revelation – that she’d once been kidnapped as a tourist in Africa.

The Bridesmaids funnywoman was in rural Mozambique with friends when she was held at gunpoint and kept overnight in a strange house.

Despite being "petrified" by the incident, fortunately she and her travel companions were set free the next morning.

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