Prince Phillip star Tobias Menzies speaks out on being replaced on The Crown

Prince Phillip star Tobias Menzies speaks out on being replaced on The Crown

The Crown: Elizabeth Emanuel on Diana's wedding dress

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The Crown is Netflix’s hit fictional drama that delves into the lives of the British royal family. The popular show has featured a number of high profile actors in its cast including Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, Gillian Anderson and Tobias Menzies. As the show moves into its fifth season, Tobias has spoken out about being replaced.

Tobias played Prince Phillip in seasons three and four of The Crown, alongside Olivia as Queen Elizabeth II.

However, the pair won’t be featuring in the next season of the show as it’s once again replacing its entire cast.

This isn’t the first time The Crown has done a mass recasting, as it also starred different actors in seasons one and two.

The Queen and Prince Phillip were originally played by Clair Foy and Matt Smith.

As the show covers a long period of time, it refreshes its cast with different actors as the show heads further towards modern-day and the characters age.

As a result, Tobias Menzies will now be handing over his royal role to Jonathan Pryce.

Oscar-nominated actor Jonathan will be starring alongside Imelda Staunton in season five of the Netflix show.

Imelda will be leading the new cast, taking on the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

Speaking about handing over the reins in a recent interview, Tobias wished Jonathan the best of luck on the show.

The actor remarked: “He’s a Knight of the Realm now – far be it from me to give him any advice.

“I’m sure he’ll be brilliant,” he added, giving high praise to Jonathan during his interview with Radio Times.

“I hope he is going to get as much out of playing him as I did. I went on a real kind of journey if I’m honest.”

The actor confessed he hadn’t really thought about Prince Philip before coming to the show and playing him.

He explained the twists and turns of the royal’s life really surprised him.

Speaking again of Jonathan, Tobias added: “I wish him luck with the voice. I’m sure he’ll do something very interesting with him.”

This isn’t the first time the actors have crossed paths as they both starred in HBO fantasy epic Game Of Thrones.

Tobias played Edmure Tully and Jonathan starred as High Sparrow in the popular series.

Joining Jonathan and Imelda in the cast will be Elizabeth Debicki who is set to take on the role of Princess Diana.

Meanwhile, Lesley Manville will be playing Princess Margaret in season five of the Netflix show.

Seasons one to four of The Crown is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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