Poldarks Aidan Turner hanging off building to film stunt for ITV drama The Suspect

Poldarks  Aidan Turner hanging off building to film stunt for ITV drama The Suspect

Aidan Turner laughs with James Nesbitt at GQ awards

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Speaking to Express.co.uk and other media, the cast and crew of the new ITV drama detailed how they went about filming the action-packed scene. Although a stunt double was used, Poldark star Aidan still had to face his fear of heights to film some of the episode, which left him “terrified”. The Poldark star opened up on how he was able to shoot the tense sequence.

In the drama, Aidan’s character Joseph O’Loughlin steps out onto the ledge of a tall building to try to stop someone from jumping.

When asked how the frightening scene was made to look so realistic, director James Strong recalled it had been “complicated” and how they had really got people to “hang from the building”.

“It was complicated, but you have to kind of look at it and go, ‘How would you do that if it was real?’

“And then you just take it apart and look at all the different elements and it is about constructing the jigsaw of all the different pieces of where we can shoot what we have and where’s it’s going to take place, where it’s got to be green screen and all those little elements.

“And what the VFX can give us is credible, that you believe, and can kind of sell the sequence.

“We did actually do as much of it as we could for real, so we were hanging people off that huge building in Paddington.

“So I think when you’ve got that real base then it helps sell it.

“But it’s a complicated sequence of all those different elements that come together.”

Aidan explained how he still had to shoot some of the stunt himself before allowing the stunt double to take over.

“It was terrifying,” he admitted. “I’m not good with heights.

“And we’re still quite high up, which is great when you do these things because you could just infiltrate your own real emotion.

“[It helps] for playing fear, or dialling that up.

“If there wasn’t a height, if you’re doing a green screen thing, for instance, I mean, they’re really tricky.

“Because to try to evoke that emotion from yourself, it’s harder, you tend to overcook it.”

The actor laughed: “Those shrieks or whatever I’m doing in the scene are real.

“It was kind of scary, but it still felt very safe, which is great.

“I think it’s a great introduction for the character too. And it’s a great way to start.”

James reflected: “It’s an amazing building for our hospital.

“It’s right in central London –  I wanted what’s in London to be a character of the whole thing.

“So it was a real find, and it was great they let us put people standing on the edge of a very narrow balcony growth.”

The Suspect will air on ITV in August.

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