Pawn Stars’ Rick gobsmacked as Titanic shard worth over £1 million

Pawn Stars’ Rick gobsmacked as Titanic shard worth over £1 million

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History Channel’s world-famous reality series returned for its 23rd season last November, and there has already been plenty of stunning finds and heated rows for the Pawn Star crew. In the latest episode, Rick Harrison took a trip to London and was gobsmacked when he spotted a remnant of one of the most tragic events in history with a price tag of over £1 million.

Pawn Stars expert Rick was stunned when he spotted a piece of metal from the Titanic on sale in a pawn shop in Chester.

In the latest episode, London Pawning, Rick takes a trip to the North of England to pay a visit to his friend Big Mark.

His antique shop is packed with memorabilia from British history, including military uniforms and plenty of Doctor Who props.

However, it was a small piece of wreckage from the tragic sinking which occurred in 1912 which caught the reality star’s eye.

“I’ve got something here that will blow your socks off,” Big Mark said as he presented Rick with a small box.

“This is what you’ve been looking for all your life. Ready?”

Rick looked rather nervous as Mark opened the box and presented his guest with an unassuming piece of rusted metal.

“Wow. It’s absolutely beautiful. What is it?” Rick asked before bursting into laughter.

“Well, you think it’s a piece of rusty metal, don’t you?” Mark replied. “Well, it is a piece of rusty metal.

“Remember that famous ship that would never sink? That’s part of the Titanic’s hull.”

Intrigued, Rick asked: “So is that where it ran into the iceberg?”

Mark revealed the shard was from the opposite side of the ship and was recovered as part of a huge operation to bring parts of the Titanic back to the surface.

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Each trip to rescue pieces of the ship cost over $1 million, making them some of the most valuable remnants of 20th Century history.

“Not many people have touched that,” Mark said. “It’s amazing, isn’t it really?”

Rick couldn’t help but be impressed as he took the delicate piece out of the box, and asked if it was actually for sale.

Mark confirmed everything in the store was for sale, although the latest offer on the Titanic remnant was pretty eye-watering.

“If you can beat it, you can buy it off me,” he told Rick before asking how much he thought it was worth.

Rick struggled to hazard a guess, as he admitted: “I’ve never tried to research a piece of the Titanic.”

“That is going to cost you £1.2 million ($1.4 million),” Mark confirmed, and Rick’s explicit response was bleeped by the censors.

The price was clearly too steep for the Pawn Stars expert as he joked: “So, what else have you got?”

He later told the cameras: “All I know is I’m not dropping £1.2 million on a chunk of metal. Unless it’s a really big chunk of gold.”

Pawn Stars continues Mondays on the History Channel in the USA and is available to stream on Sky Go and NOW in the UK.

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