Paul Hollywood sparks uproar as Bake Off fans claim he’s ‘bullying’ Jürgen

Paul Hollywood sparks uproar as Bake Off fans claim he’s ‘bullying’ Jürgen

GBBO: Juergen misses out on Paul’s handshake

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The Great British Bake Off fans watched the contestants battle it out in the semi-final on Tuesday night. The bakers took on a range of patisserie challenges in the tent in a bid to impress the judges. For the first challenge the competitors had to produce layered patisserie style slices. However, when the time came for judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith to taste the cakes, there was one baker who missed out on a Hollywood Handshake. As a result, many viewers were left angered and took to social media to complain.

After the first task of the semi-final Crystelle, Guiseppe, and Chigs all earned themselves a handshake from judge Paul.

However, the one contestant who didn’t receive a congratulatory handshake from Paul was Jürgen.

Many fans were angered the judge had left Jürgen out and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

@misstorian said: “#GBBO Leaving one person out, ie Jürgen, is a form of bullying! And it’s anti bullying week!”

“Jürgen being the only one to not get a handshake is criminal. How dare they hurt my precious baking king. #GBBO,” @samleejackson remarked.

“WTF is happening with Paul giving everyone but Jurgen a handshake… #GBBO,” @JurgensEyebrows wrote.

“WHY DIDNT JÜRGEN GET A HANDSHAKE #GBBO,” @jess_rooke questioned.

“Paul how could you give everyone but Jurgen a handshake! Im complaining to ofcom! #GBBO,” @BecaAllsopp said.

@funky_seema commented: “Paul giving everyone a handshake except for Jurgen is rotten #GBBO.”

However, the viewers at home weren’t the only ones who seemed to think Paul leaving Jürgen out was unfair.

“I think that’s sensational, the textures are absolutely perfect,” Prue remarked after tasting Jürgen bake.

“It’s a pity I’m not the one who gives out handshakes,” she remarked.

However, Paul was adamant Jürgen’s patisserie wasn’t quite perfect, saying: “I like it but I didn’t love it.

“The flavour I do get is coffee and a bit of chocolate. I cannot taste anything else,” the judge commented.

Meanwhile, presenter Noel Fielding gave Jürgen a handshake to make up for the one he missed out on from Paul.

“You got a handshake from me alright?” Noel said, in an attempt to cheer the baker up.

Prue reiterated she thought Jürgen was deserving of a Hollywood Handshake, saying: “I’d have given you one!”

Speaking after the judging had concluded, Jürgen commented: “There were three handshakes in the tent, I didn’t get one.

“The judges were divided. Bottom line, I’m in trouble now,” he added.

The Great British Bake Off airs Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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