Netflix launch brand new dating show as hot siblings look for love in posh villa

Netflix launch brand new dating show as hot siblings look for love in posh villa

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Got Love Island withdrawal symptoms? Missing the snogs, the antics and all the drama of a dumping? Well, the lovers of reality-dating shows can now rejoice because Netflix is launching brand new programme that will see pairs of siblings look for love.

On September 2, new show Dated and Related will be available to stream and the world will watch on as sets of siblings and twins head into a lavish villa in a bid to search for love – all while their brother, sister or cousin watches over them.

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Will their sibling be the best wing man or woman? Or will things turn awkward when they like the same person?

Hosted by Too Hot To Handle’s Melinda Berry, the show will welcome a slew of stunning singletons – just in time to heat up the autumn months.

Keep reading to get acquainted with the six OG pairings that will catapult onto our screens next month.

Oh, and major spoiler alert – there will be another two sexy duos heading into the show mid-way through, but you'll have to wait until then to meet them.

The Bajor sisters

Mady, 20, and Lily Bajor, 22, are stunning blonde bombshell sisters from Teaxs, USA.

They are said to "have a tendency to take a joke too far" especially when it involves each other's love lives.

The girls enjoy making their prospective dates squirm and they’re apparently "always meddling in each other’s relationships".

Although there seems like a bit of sibling rivalry, they are said to be "fiercely close and protective" of each other.

The Bishop brothers

Twin alert! Kaz and Kieran Bishop, both 30, are here to steal hearts and then break them it seems.

The pair, who are from Essex, England, share everything – including friendships, an apartment and "a tendency to get bored in relationships".

Kaz is a firefighter and self-confessed player, while Kieran wears his heart on his sleeve after spending 10 years in a relationship with his childhood sweetheart.

Neither of the boys will settle for anything less than perfection.

The Cohen/Hahns cousins

Jason and Chris, both 27, are competitive cousins from New Jersey.

The good looking hunks love single life and rule the club scene when they're not on the water or around the beach,

Jason is a lifeguard and jet ski instructor, while Chris is a server and surf instructor.

They have said that they can see them settling down "if the right girl comes along" but the problem is, the right girl comes along every weekend.

The Miller siblings

Dyman, 25, and Deyon, 21, are siblings and best friends, who have each other’s backs and are extremely supportive of each other.

With a "disastrous" love life, medical assistant Dyman is ready to dive head first into dating and is looking for love.

While brother Deyon, who works as a sports model, has had a love life that has only consisted of casual relationships, but as he appears of Dated and Related, he’s open and willing for whatever comes his way.

The Parsijani sisters

Twin 29-year-old sisters Diana and Nina are said to "share" everything, with both girls having experienced disastrous dating lives.

From Oslo, Norway, the brunette beauties are twins and are both jewellery specialists – meaning they can spot a diamond in the rough.

Hopeless romantic Diana "falls in love easily and is quickly left hurt by men".

But her sister Nina is said to be a total heartbreaker and ice queen, and "usually has multiple guys on the go at once".

They're both weary when it comes to men, so will the hopeless romantic find her love? And will the ice queen get warmed up?

The Roppo siblings

Corrina, 23, and Joey, 28, are both hopeless romantics who are on the lookout for their "forever partner".

Music teacher Corrina is looking for her Disney prince, but hasn't had much luck.

While her brother Joey is a serial dater but with an eye for the perfect Instagram girl.

The pair both share Christian values and play on their own volleyball team.

Dated and Related will drop onto Netflix on September 2 and will comprise of 10 x 45 minute episodes.


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