Netflix Christmas: 6 New Holiday Themed Series and When You Can Watch Them

Netflix Christmas: 6 New Holiday Themed Series and When You Can Watch Them

Netflix figured out many holidays ago that Christmas was a lucrative time for streaming viewers. It makes sense. People are home for Thanksgiving in November and the last week of December, so might as well produce holiday spirit content for them. This year, Netflix will premiere 12 new Christmas movies, 10 specials and six series. Here’s a look at the six holiday series coming to Netflix in November and December 2021.

‘Christmas Flow’ premieres Nov. 17 on Netflix

Christmas Flow is like a Netflix rom-com, only it’s a whole series! Tayc stars as a rapper and Shirine Boutella plays a journalist. They have so many differences, a romance would seem totally unlikely in real life. But, this is a Netflix Christmas movie, so….

‘Blown Away’ does a Christmas special on Nov. 19

Blown Away may be proof that you can turn anything into a TV competition. They’ve already done two seasons of glass blowing challenges. Now Blown Away returns for a special Christmas themed season. 

Host Bobby Berk and evaluator Katherine Gray return. For Blown Away: Christmas, the contestants are five fan favorites seeking a second chance to win. The winner will get a $10,000 prize, but in the spirit of giving, Blown Away will give another $10,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice. 

‘School of Chocolate’ brings the sweetness to Netflix Nov. 26 

Nothing says the holidays like chocolate. There are so many cooking shows on television, it’s about time one focused on not just desert, but one very specific chocolatey delight. Chocolatier Amaury Guichon will teach eight students the ways of chocolate. Netflix promises “a career changing opportunity” to the Best in Class after eight episodes. What a tease.

‘Elves’ are real Nov. 28

In the Danish fantasy series Elves, a family visits a Danish island. Their holiday getaway turns deadly when they discover that there are real elves living in the forest, and not the Santa Claus or Keebler kind. There’s also a religious cult maintaining an uneasy peace with the elves. 

Well, the little girl brings home a baby elf and all helf breaks loose. Preview images show ominous forests, but glimpses of the baby elf look adorable. So this could go either way, or perhaps a Gremlins/Krampus blend of childlike monster mayhem. 

‘The Great British Baking Show: Holidays’ Season 4 returns to Netflix Dec. 3

Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back for a two part holiday special competition. The Great British Baking Show is also bringing back past competitors for another chance to impress the judges. Chocolate may or may not be involved, but it is not a requirement of The Great British Baking Show

‘How to Ruin Christmas’ Season 2 is back in December

Did you think Tumi Sello (Busise Lurayi) would stop at ruining just one Christmas? In the 2020 South African series, Tumi ruined her sister’s Christmas wedding. Now she’s back for another holiday misadventure.

In season 2, Tumi hopes to have a quiet Christmas this time. Perhaps as an act of karma, those plans get thwarted. According to Netflix, “she has to spend the next couple days before Christmas trying to clear hers and the Sello name.”

Netflix currently lists How to Ruin Christmas Season 2 for a date to be determined in December. 

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