‘NCIS’: Don’t Record the Season 18 Finale and Watch Later, Says Wilmer Valderrama

‘NCIS’: Don’t Record the Season 18 Finale and Watch Later, Says Wilmer Valderrama

If you usually record NCIS and watch it later, you might want to change your plans for the season 18 finale. Wilmer Valderrama (Nick Torres) says the finale will knock your socks off. According to him, watching in real time is a must.

Wilmer Valderrama says Gibbs is an ‘accidental father figure’ to Torres

Valderrama says Torres’ relationship with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) will continue to grow stronger. He tells TV Line their relationship strengthens during NCIS Season 18 Episode 12 (titled “Sangre”). According to him, they have an “unspoken bond.”

“Gibbs has become really an ‘accidental father figure’ to Torres,” says Valderrama. “For a time, Torres had no real direction as he was just going from mission to mission, and Gibbs gives him a family, one like he never had. To be honest, Gibbs in the past couple of years has been more of a father to Torres than anybody else.”

Valderrama says Gibbs first showed his parental side to Torres when he was hit by a car during season 17 episode 14 (titled “Lonely Hearts”). He cared for Torres like he was his own son. Valderrama says it was interesting to see how emotional and attached Gibbs was.

The NCIS star says Torres and Gibbs will continue to build on their relationship. Episode 12 will set up what is to come for them. Valderrama says Torres is in a place where he sees Gibbs as both a father figure and mentor.

You’ll want to watch the ‘NCIS’ Season 18 finale in real time

 The NCIS Season 18 finale is set to air May 25, 2021. You don’t want to record and watch later, according to Valderrama. He describes the season finale as “controversial,” “emotional,” and “badass.”

“I’m going to tell you something: It is not an episode you want to record and watch later,” Valderrama tells TV Line. “This is an episode you want to show up for.”

Valderrama says there will be a combination of elements from seasons 17 and 18. Questions that might have come up for viewers during those seasons will be answered. He also says season 18 will provide a “real” finale for viewers.

“Like, a real, explosive finale that a show whose loyal audience shows up live for deserves to see,” he says. “I mean, we’re going to give people a lot to talk about. I promise you that you’re not going to see any of this coming.”

Due to the pandemic, season 17 was cut short and didn’t end with the intended finale. Instead of the usual 24 episodes, season 17 ended with just 20 episodes. The final episode that season was “The Arizona,” featuring Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd.

Valderrama says there will be a lot of emotion in the final episode of season 18 as well as answers to many questions that might have come up in previous seasons. According to him, fans will get what they “have been dying to see.”

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