Money Heist creator admits he won’t ‘consider a spin-off’ after season 5

Money Heist creator admits he won’t ‘consider a spin-off’ after season 5

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Javier Gómez Santander has been on the scriptwriting team for Netflix’s Money Heist since the very beginning. He has seen the show fail initially when it first aired on Spanish TV, then skyrocket to fame when it landed on Netflix. Now that the show is about to reach its end when season five hits the streaming service later this year, Santander has admitted he will not consider doing a spin-off despite the show’s enormous success. 

In a recent interview, the writer was asked whether he is afraid of not knowing when to stop with the Money Heist story, but his answer indicated quite the opposite. 

“I do not,” he said. “I think the series will end very well, this fifth season is very good.

“I don’t even think about a spin-off. You can’t rule it out either, that’s the reality,” teased the writer.

“What if we have a good idea? But for that you have to have a good idea, you have to spend time.”

However, the writer excludes the possibility that a good idea might come any time soon. 

He added: “Now I’m tired, it’s a series that squeezes you out a lot.

“The horizon that it ends is very good for me mentally. If now I have to think that a spin-off comes later, I say ‘you do it.’

“But I can’t tell you either. Maybe in two years, I feel like it, because it is true that I have a great love for the series.”

Santander continued by saying the show “has also taught us not to be blunt because we already buried it once”.

“But we are not with the compass set to keep things to ourselves. If in a while we want to do it because we have an idea, fine. But for now, no.”

Speaking to the Spanish magazine Jot Down, the writer also recalled when he was first contacted by the series showrunner Álex Pina.

“He called me, ‘I’m a showrunner‘, and I’m so ignorant that I thought ‘does this man run so much?’ I didn’t know what it was to be a showrunner.”


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“I thought about not meeting him,” he revealed. “But [my wife] Sara said to me, ‘Damn, how are you not going to meet him? Look at everything he’s done!’

“In the end, I stayed with him out of curiosity, to chat, have a contact and that’s it. 

“He told me that he was looking for scriptwriters outside of script schools, people to rewrite, that he had read a lot of novels that summer and that one was mine.”

 Santander also revealed what he thought when he first heard about the premise of Money Heist: “He told me about the heist at La Casa de Papel. He told me how and where they were going to do it.

“For me, good ideas always have a headline, and this was ‘we are not going to steal, we are going to make our money.’

“And I thought ‘wow, this is different,” he admitted. 

Santander also revealed that he does not like to watch back the episodes once they land on Netflix: “I do not watch it because I have already seen it many times in the edit, I see each chapter a thousand times.

“Then in broadcast, I am not capable, I am very ashamed, I begin to see failures.”

Money Heist season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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