Masked Singer meets Love Island in Netflix's bumper new dating show Sexy Beasts

Masked Singer meets Love Island in Netflix's bumper new dating show Sexy Beasts

THEY say beauty is only skin deep, which is lucky for hopefuls on a new dating show who include aliens, zombies, trolls and a very horny devil.

Mooted as “the strangest blind date ever”, Netflix series Sexy Beasts challenges 24 singletons to find love without knowing what their potential ­partner looks like.

The six-episode series, which starts this month, sees their faces almost totally obscured by disguises that transform them into an array of animals and characters.

And with the masks ­including insects, monsters, dinosaurs and a scarecrow, in many cases they are made to look as unattractive as ­possible.

It’s a similar format to ITV talent contests The Masked Dancer and The Masked Singer, except contestants, who are from the UK and the US, are only disguised on their first dates.

Each episode sees one picker go on three dates — each with a different person.

They then choose their “sexy beast” from the three hopefuls and continue the courtship without the masks.

But that relies on them being won over by their ­personality, charm and sense of humour — not to mention having things in common.

The big question is whether they will still be so impressed when the masks come off and the contestants are revealed.

Narrated by comedian Rob Delaney, the show sees the creators use Hollywood-grade prosthetic for the disguises.

And the dates take place in normal, public environments — prompting very strange looks from bystanders.

In one outing, Devil and Mandrill visit a fairground, then snog in the street.

The man points out: “I’ve just kissed this girl and I don’t know what she looks like.”

Meanwhile, Beaver and Leopard go shooting to­gether.

Beaver, who had earlier admitted a woman’s bum was more important than her ­personality, then says: “I’m literally just in love with the moment.”

In another scene, Panda tells a bemused Bull: “I want to get married, I want to have babies before I’m 26. Do you have health insurance?”

She later adds: “So what if I pick you and I’m not what you expect underneath?”

Meanwhile Mouse meets a busty Demon in a bar and says: “You’re the best-looking devil I’ve ever seen.”

In one of the most awkward meetings, Scarecrow seems stuck for conversation when he meets Dolphin and says: “So . . . I like your fin.”
She also goes ten-pin ­bowling with Mantis.

But her most successful date —  in a horse-drawn ­carriage in England — is with Rhino. The pair end up rubbing each other’s noses affectionately in a pub beer garden.

  • Sexy Beasts is on Netflix from July 21.

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