Married at First Sight UK 2021: Reunion show date confirmed as bickering Amy and Josh opt to stay together

Married at First Sight UK 2021: Reunion show date confirmed as bickering Amy and Josh opt to stay together

DESPITE the blunder last week where E4 aired a repeat of Married at First Sight, fans will be happy to hear the reunion special date has been confirmed.

The reunion special will go ahead as planned on October 4 at 9pm and will be shown on E4.

On Friday's episode, a surprise development showed Amy Christophers and Joshua Christie vowing to stay married despite weeks of bickering.

Adam and Tayah also vowed to keep things going, with Tayah agreeing to re-marry her husband.  

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  • Milica Cosic

    What are Megan and Bob up to now?

    Since leaving the show, despite Megan living in Stoke, she has spent a lot of time down in London.

    She has still confirmed that she is an actress and wellness coach and posts regular Instagram updates of her journey.

    Since the filming of MAFS UK Bob has been enjoying time with his friends and family.

    He celebrated his 27th birthday in Bournemouth with his close mates before venturing on a big night out.

  • Milica Cosic

    Are Married at First Sight UK’s Tayah and Adam still together?

    There have been some incredibly strong couples this year, each have had their ups and dones, but no couple has had it so smooth sailing like Tayah and Adam.

    The pair were instantly attracted to each other and it didn’t take long to drop the “L” bomb either.

    Both have been on the same page when it comes down to big decisions such as where they will be living and if they want a family together… (Spoiler alert: they do).

    The couples’ final decision is still yet to air and MAFS has been making sure that each couple has kept silent.

    Both their Instagrams don’t hold many clues, but this could be because they don’t want to give anything away just yet.

  • Milica Cosic

    Breaking Luke’s heart

    Married At First Sight star Ben Jardine has slammed Morag for breaking Luke’s heart and said they should have quit the show like he did.

    The reality TV favourite called time on his marriage when it was not working during the E4 show where strangers get married, and has encouraged Morag and Luke to do the same.

    In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Ben, has spoken honestly about the couple.

    He said: “When I was on the show I was honest, everyone could see I wasn’t really feeling my marriage and in the end I left.”

    “My first opinion of Morag was that she was a bit moody and wondered who she thought she should be with? Brad Pitt, George Clooney?Luke is even saying now that he doesn’t want kids – in front of his parents. This is gonna end badly, Luke is doing everything to try and make Morag happy but the bottom line is, she wants a Chippendale who will mess her around and keep her on her toes.”

  • Milica Cosic

    New hair, don’t care

    Megan Wolfe has debuted a fresh new look after walking away from her marriage to Bob Voysey.

    She smiled for the camera as she showed off her pink and purple locks, thanking her “genius” hairdresser Heather Shaw.

    An impressed Megan added: “Her work is art 🌈🎨”.

  • Milica Cosic

    Amy and Josh spin-off?

    Married at First Sight UK viewers have demanded Amy Christophers and Joshua Christie get their own spin-off show – despite their rocky relationship.

    The pair made it past the final commitment ceremony after an explosive dinner party that ended in fireworks.

    While some have called for Josh to be kicked off the show for speaking to Amy in a “disgusting” manner, others say they deserve more air time.

    One fan said: “You and Josh should really do your own show you can show who you really are.”

    Another added: “They need more air time on this show.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Jordan Mundell teases future dating show plans

    Despite not finding love on the hit E4 show, MAFS star Jordan Mundell has hinted at plans to appear on other dating programmes.

    During an Instagram Q & A, Jordan was asked if he regrets doing Married at First Sight.

    The star confirmed that he has no regrets, he wrote: “Even though I didn’t find love there no I don’t.

    “Maybe I’ll have to do another dating/love show.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Counselling for all contestants

    Married at First Sight’s Jordan Mundell has confirmed that support and after care is offered to all contestants.

    A fan asked what support from the show is offered, he replied: “I did not need support thankfully.

    “However support is provided at all times should you want it and sometimes you have it even if you don’t think you should which is great support really.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Explained: How can I apply to be on MAFS?

    Singles looking for love can apply to appear on Married at First Sight by simply emailing your name, age and contact number to [email protected]

    Applications must be over 18 years old.

    Each series, a handful of people are picked to meet their perfect match… on the day they get married.

  • Milica Cosic

    What will happen in the reunion?

    In the Australia series, in the final episode, the couples return one more time to discuss their experiences and gain closure. 

    Couples decided whether they wanted to go ahead with a legally-binding marriage, just stay together or call it quits.

    During the second half of the reunion, the couples were seen sitting down with the experts to speak about their time on the show.

    But to spice things up a little, the couples were also shown unseen footage from the series.

    In the Australian series, the reunion often turns into one of the most heated episodes with contestants throwing drinks over one another and storming out, but other announced their engagement.

  • Milica Cosic

    THE reunion show

    THE EXPLOSIVE dating show sees couples who have never met be wed and follows their first few months together.

    The reunion is set to air on Monday October 4, at 10pm on E4.

  • Milica Cosic

    Hearts melting at proposal (Continued…)

    MAFS fans were as overcome with emotion as the happy couple and took to Twitter to express themselves.

    “Adam and Tayah are everything. So wonderful to see them so happy,” wrote one fan.

    Another added: “Sobbing mate. That ending was so beautiful.”

    And a third wrote: “Tayah and Adam melt my heart I want an Adam.”

  • Milica Cosic

    She said yes

    Married At First Sight fans were moved to tears as Adam declared his love to Tayah by proposing to her.

    Adam kept everyone, including Tayah, guessing about whether he planned to stick with her during their vow renewal ceremony.

    He got down on one knee and said, “Tayah will you marry me.”

    Tayah cried as she asked: “you being serious?” before saying, “you know I will.”

    Adam got emotional too saying, “you’re making me cry now” as he opened the box to show his new fiancé the ring.

    She loved it and declared it the ‘best day’ of her life.

  • Milica Cosic

    Do Married at First Sight couples sign prenups?

    Prenups cannot be issued when taking part in MAFS.

    This is because each couple’s marriage isn’t technically real.

    They say vows, and exchange rings, but they aren’t really married.

    If they decide to “stay married” they will then enter into a full time relationship.

    The couple can then decide if they want to get married for real.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Is MAFS over?!

    No, the reunion show will air this Monday at 9.00pm on E4.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    MARRIED At First Sight fans were moved to tears as Adam declared his love to Tayah by proposing to her last night.

    Adam kept everyone, including Tayah, guessing about whether he planned to stick with her during their vow renewal ceremony.

    He spoke about how others had warned them they were moving too fast, but he wanted to declare his ‘undying’ love for Tayah as they moved forward together in life.

    Adam then pulled out a ring box from his inside jacket pocket, as Tayah got very emotional.

    He got down on one knee and said, “Tayah will you marry me.”

    Tayah cried as she asked: “you being serious?” before saying, “you know I will.”

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Who is Tayah on MAFS?

    Tayah, 25, is from Welwyn Garden City and currently works as an estate agent. 

    However she’s now ready to relocate to Doncaster after falling madly in love with Adam.

    And she’s soon going to become Mrs Aveling.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Who is Adam on MAFS?

    He is a 26-year-old qualified electrician who has previously appeared on dating show Back To Mine in 2019.

    The northern lad, from Doncaster, is also a fitness model.

    He’s also now engaged to Tayah.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Fans of the show have flocked to Twitter to congratulate Adam and Tayah on their engagement.

    The couple – who got together on the E4 show earlier this year – are the programme’s biggest success story.

    Adam and Tayah hit it off on day one and went from strength to strength.

    They were the first to drop the L-bomb, have decided to move in together and are now officially going to become husband and wife.

    One wrote: “Adam and Tayah are everything. So wonderful to see them so happy.”

    Another said: “Omg Adam and Tayah I love them.”

    A third chimed in: “Tayah and Adam have literally melted my heart and given me hope of finding the one!!”

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Who is Luke on MAFS?

    Luke is a certified fire-fighter from Wales.

    Left heart broken by his last relationship, Luke had his confidence crushed and has spent the last year rebuilding himself.

    But now it looks like Morag has stolen his heart.


  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Who is Morag on MAFS?

    The 31-year-old is a veterinary nurse from Essex.

    Unapologetically confident, the 31 year old had an unconventional upbringing between Essex and Ibiza.

    Morag knew a normal 9 to 5 was not for her, so she chained career in her mid twenties to pursue her dream of being a veterinary nurse in Australia.


  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    When is the MAFS reunion on?

    Married at First Sight UK concludes with The Reunion on Monday 4 October 2021.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Did you know one contestant on the show has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent?

    Alexis Conomoux was a golden buzzer act on the ITV show.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    “No idea what Luke and his mum just said as I was fixated on his tiny chonky dog,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

    Another one added: “In love with lukes’ comatose dog.”

    And a third commented: “Luke’s dog has made the whole show.”

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Viewers were very distracted during tonight’s delayed finale, thanks to Luke and his pet dog.

    Luke and Morag went their separate ways briefly to connect back with their families and chat with them about the future of their relationships.

    Luke headed to his home in Wales where he got in a very deep conversation with his mum.

    While his mum basically warned him off Morag and wanted him to fly solo again, fans could hardly pay attention as Luke cradled his beloved pooch, Alfie.

    As he sat on the sofa listening to his mum, Luke had Alfie cradled in his arms like a baby.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    Earlier tonight Married At First Sight fans were left in hysterics over Luke’s “bizarre” treatment of his pet dog.

    But did you spot it?

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