Married At First Sight Australia’s Susie Bradley is dubbed ‘most hated bride’ as she reduces husband Billy to tears

Married At First Sight Australia’s Susie Bradley is dubbed ‘most hated bride’ as she reduces husband Billy to tears

SUSIE Bradley has found a whole new legion of haters as British viewers dub her the 'most hated bride' on Married At First Sight Australia.

Fans of the hit E4 show have branded her worse than Ines – who became the most hated bride ever after her on-screen affair earlier this series.

The reality show first aired in Australia in 2018 and has found a new audience in the UK who have branded her relationship with husband Billy Vincent as toxic.

The latest tirade against Susie comes after viewers reflected on the couple's most memorables spats.

In scenes one viewer called "difficult to watch" she erupted in rage in a row over sugar substitute.

The 27-year-old nurse insisted Billy lied about having Splenda in the house and for claiming he hadn't surfed for a while when he had.

He insisted: “If I lied to you and I was cheating on you, yes we'd have a problem, but this is ridiculous.”

The argument that followed saw deep-thinking hunk Billy sobbing on the beach with a towel around his shoulders.

He said sadly: "I thought it was going to be a good day – but it's not. It's just the same old stuff over and over."

She told him: "How can I believe anything that comes out of your mouth?"

He protested: "I have had a week of being belittled and taunted" but she replied: "I'm not going to listen to that c**p" insisting she had been "nothing but fabulous".

Then at the commitment ceremony, Billy told the experts how Susie had told him he's too small, he's got "no balls", that he's strange and is "not manly enough".

It led to a furious outburst from Susie before matchmaker John stepped in to put her in her place.

"That's a load of c***, I don't go out of my way to hurt you at all," fumed Susie.

"I felt like he wasn't manly enough for me. He got really upset about it and I just stood my ground. Unfortunately I don't have that connection with Billy where I want him to and be in love with him.

"Billy brings this out on me. I'm very assertive and I'll speak my mind, but I'm not having a good time with Billy at all.

"Billy stares, he's very awkward and makes me very uncomfortable.

"The silly odd things that come out of his mouth freak me out. He is a lot to take in."

An emotional Billy replied: "I am trying so hard. I am just trying to be a nice person."

Viewers were left shocked by Susie's behaviour – labelling her 'the worst bride ever'.

"Just when we thought the show couldn't find anyone worse than Davina or Ines… they introduce the delightful Susie," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "This Susie one is worse than Ines. Least she was just meh don’t like bronson… Susie is toxic and shouting at billy for being kind and just himself."

And a third said: "Susie should be super single forever. Horrible. Toxic. Contemptuous. Opposite to humble.

"Clearly has past issues and can’t get close to anyone. Trust issues. Barriers. Bad idea taking part. Shouldn’t have taken part. Poor Billy."

The reality show has been a ratings boon for E4 and is currently its highest rated show with more than 1.1 million viewers and upwards per episode.

Things might not have worked out for Susie and Billy, but she eventually found love with former NRL star Todd Carney.

Billy is also doing well in the love department and is head over heels with his girlfriend, professional snowboarder and model Rani Siregar.

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