Mama June, 42 responds to fans who SLAM her for 'dating boy toy Jordan McCollum, 24' after split from jailed Geno Doak

Mama June, 42 responds to fans who SLAM her for 'dating boy toy Jordan McCollum, 24' after split from jailed Geno Doak

MAMA June Shannon, 42, responded to fans who slammed her for 'dating boy toy Jordan McCollum, 24,' after her split from Geno Doak. 

The reality star and grandmother of four took to the comments section on the popular Facebook fan page “Mama June: Road to Redemption” after a fan ripped into her following The Sun’s exclusive reporting about her relationship with the young TikTok influencer.

The fan posted a graphic which read: “I have no respect for June as a mother. The public humiliation [torwards] Honey Boo Boo alone, makes me weep. June is selfish and apparently can only function when she has a man in her life.” 

June went to the comment section under the post where other fans were piling on and fired back: “Lol I do very good with MYSELF thanks for concern though.” 

It’s the first time the Mama June From Not to Hot star reacted to reports about her relationship with the much younger man.  

Sources previously told The Sun that June rented an Alabama home for 24-year-old influencer, and even bought him two cars after her split from longtime boyfriend Geno, 45. 

One source claimed the reality star is "so into" her younger man, who is a single dad to a young daughter and a fellow recovering addict. 

"She really wanted to be public about their relationship, but Jordan has tried to keep things more low-key," the insider said. 

"You can tell how into him she is. She's really flirty with him." 

June's flirting also apparently includes expensive presents. 

She purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima for Jordan and then a 2019 model after the first car broke down, an insider claimed.   

Jordan has bragged about the pricey new gifts- which the source said cost a total of about $40,000- on his social media pages.    

In one TikTok post, Jordan boasted: “So someone very special to me bought me a car today!” 

Jordan added a purple heart and a cute face emoji to the July 17 post, in which he shared various snaps of the 2013 Nissan.  

He shared a photo of the newest car in a post on August 2 and explained: “Late update but Sally had a bad transmission so everyone meet Spade!”  

In that post, Mama left a comment with a slew of red hearts that read: “You deserve it, and that’s a sexy car.”  

Meanwhile, the source said that Jordan is living in a two-bedroom home on a cul-de-sac rented by June that she also furnished for him.  

The Sun also recently revealed that police were called to the home on July 26th for a welfare check on Jordan.

An officer who had responded to the call at the rented two-bedroom love nest said: “We had made contact with Jordan McCollum at that address on July 26th after a concerned relative called police asking to do a welfare check on him."

The officer revealed he had believed a woman named June Shannon answered the door, and confirmed the person fit the description of Mama June.  

“I spoke with Jordan and we asked her to stay inside. We spoke to Jordan to see if he was okay- and he said he was okay. He seemed fine, so we left,” the officer added.  

Meanwhile, one insider estimated that June has spent roughly $50,000 on the young man, between the cars, the rental home, furniture and the utilities.   

“She also gives him an allowance every week,” the source claimed.  

June has even allegedly met Jordan’s family and friends, and “attended a get-together with him.”      


June and Jordan have grown close over their past addiction struggles and recovery, according to the source.   

In one TikTok video in which Jordan opened up about his struggles, June commented: “The best video ever cause I agree and will be here at the end of the day.”  

June shared a TikTok video from Jordan on July 18, and captioned the video: "Such an inspiration to me more than he will ever know, I'm finding ME… learning to love ME… and be my awesome forever." 

June recently announced that she had broken up with her longtime love Geno, just as he began serving his sentence on drug charges.  

"Geno has been out of my life for a while now,” June said on Instagram Live.  

June and Geno were arrested outside of an Alabama gas station for crack cocaine possession in March 2019.  

The Sun previously exclusively reported that Geno had been sentenced to 16 months for the crime after June avoided any jail time and received community service instead.   

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