MAFS UK fans puzzled as Luke missing from Afters show and Morag appears without wedding ring

MAFS UK fans puzzled as Luke missing from Afters show and Morag appears without wedding ring

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Married at First Sight UK viewers were left puzzled as not only did Luke not turn up to the Afters show, but she appeared in the audience alone without her wedding ring on.

It came minutes after the show's grand finale showed the couple recommitting to each other as they pledged to love and care for each other despite their ups and downs in the experiment.

While many viewers were convinced Luke's unwavering feelings of "love" towards Morag weren't reciprocated throughout their rollercoaster relationship, the pair seemed happier than ever as they declared they were each other's "future".

Yet in the Afters show, which is presented by AJ Odudu, viewers instantly noticed Morag was third-wheeling it with Matt and Dan on the corner of the "top table".

"#MAFSUK where is Luke on afters? What did Morag do to him?" one person joked on Twitter, confused.

Another eagle-eyed fan pointed out: "Morag not wearing her wedding ring… #MAFSUK #afters."

"No Luke on afters? #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightUK," a third puzzled viewer asked.

While one TV watcher was convinced they'd learned the pair had split off-screen, and all will be revealed during the reunion.

"Morag is on #afters on her own when everyone else in couples. Tells you everything you need to know #MAFSUK," they insisted.

While questions abound though, AJ suddenly declared she had a "message" from the absent groom.

"We actually have a message from Luke, take a look at this," AJ said, keeping her best poker face.

Sitting in what appeared to be a British garden, Luke was wearing some questionable clothes as he began: "Hi everyone, sorry I can’t be with you tonight. I’m stuck in here Milan of all places.

"My fashion range has kind of taken off and I’m kind of a big deal over here," the star declared, in what was clearly a pre-planned sketch.

"Can’t be with you tonight because I’m a busy man, but hopefully see you soon, have a good evening," Luke then said, as he added to the camera team off-screen it was "raining" and he wanted to "wrap this up it's cold".

Fans will have to tune in to the reunion to see if Luke and Morag really did stay together or not.

Also in the finale, Tayah and Adam got engaged after the groom decided to give his girl a proper proposal in one of the most adorable moments of the series.

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