MAFS UK epic transformations – tattoos, unrecognisable hairstyles and six packs

MAFS UK epic transformations – tattoos, unrecognisable hairstyles and six packs
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    Married at First Sight UK has gripped the nation since it returned to our screens last month.

    The E4 dating show first aired back in 2015 and has been entertaining fans ever since.From arguments and tears to love and happiness, there isn't much which isn't covered on the reality TV series.

    This series has provided many bold looks from both the brides and grooms. But after filming wraps, some utterly transform – from tattoos to bushy beards to some very unique hairstyles.

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    As the current series of MAFS UK continues, Daily Star has taken a look back at some of the biggest transformations of the show's newest stars. Prepare to be blown away!

    Adrian Sanderson

    A throwback photo from 2020 on his Instagram account showcases Adrian looking unrecognisable with short hair unrecognisable.

    The star, 37, is known for rocking his blond curtain bangs, causing his husband Thomas Hartley to once say: "Captain Curtains can f**k off" after an argument on the reality show, even likening him to Ian "H" Watkins from Steps.

    Adrian has won viewers over with his supportive counsel and sage wisdom not only to his partner Thomas but to the other couples as well. In April 2020, Adrian shared a selfie of himself with a cropped blue hair cut.

    The theatre enthusiast could be seen wearing a pink t-shirt and aviator sunglasses in the photo while looking worlds away from his more recognisable TV self. Adrian was overcome with emotion when he met Thomas' parents during the dramatic Home Stay challenge of the show.

    Thomas Hartley

    Adrian’s husband Thomas also looks completely different now compared to back in the day. Thomas has had a hair transplant, filler, his ears pinned and two sets of veneers in his quest for beauty perfection.

    He’s been very open about his procedures on the show but admitted that getting Botox injected into his creaseless face was a "stupid" thing to do.

    Despite their rocky journey, many were still rooting for Thomas and Adrian – but drama with 2023 contestant Nathaniel has ended their rocky friendship. Adrian and Nathaniel headed out for brunch together, leaving Thomas fuming.

    He penned: "Stop sending me the picture of Adrian with Nathaniel. They want a moment to get in the newspaper, that’s up to them. I don’t give a s**t, honestly. I’ve spoke to loads of the cast and you won’t know that I’ve spoke to them because it’s private.

    "I find it weird. Nathaniel’s hot right now selling stories to the papers, well I don’t dance with the devil, so each to their own.”

    Jenna Robinson

    Jenna sported blonde locks during her stint on the E4 show. However, in Instagram snaps posted years before the hit series was filmed, the business owner looks completely different with long red tresses. Jenna has revealed on the show that she suffers from alopecia and usually wears wigs in her day-to-day life.

    She loves changing up her hairstyle, which is evident in the throwback snap, in which Jenna can be seen with long wavy red hair.

    Viewers were first introduced to Jenna during the brides' hen do when she clashed with Thomas. While she said she didn't believe in being walked down the aisle, Thomas thought as members of the LGBTQ+ community, they should uphold marital traditions.

    Gemma Rose

    Gemma looked unrecognisable with black hair in a throwback snap from 2019. The hairdresser sported electric red hair during her time on the E4 show. However, it appears that she often changes up her appearance.

    Gemma is also known for sporting tattoos, including some ink on her face, which are missing from the photograph.

    The mother- of two entered the show hoping to find her perfect groom and extend her family but instead she had a very rocky ride.

    She was married to Matt Murray and despite the wedding day going well cracks quickly began to show in their marriage. Soon the pair argued constantly which often resorted in one of them storming out on the other and leaving Gemma in tears.

    As their marriage didn't improve, Matt began developing feelings for another bride, Whitney Hughes, who was married to Duka Cavolli, and cheated on Gemma by kissing Whitney and sharing a bed with her.

    While Gemma and Duka left the show, Matt and Whitney were able to remain as a new couple.

    Matt Murray

    Before appearing on on MAFS, Matt posted a side-by-side snap of himself and his social media couldn't believe how different he looked.

    The reality star captioned the post with a motivational quote: "*The years pass, regardless of action or inaction* Do something. Or don't… I can't tell you what to do.

    "I can tell you that you'll be happier if you do! Do the f**king work on yourself first before you do the work for other people."

    In the before snap, Matt could be seen with minimal tattoos, wearing a vest and no beard. The after snap was much more recent, showing off his ripped torso, with tattoos across his chest and face.

    Duka Cavolli

    Duka has wowed fans on social media with images of his incredible transformation over the years, including before and after photos

    Sharing updates on his body transformation process as he embraced a gruelling regime of exercise and healthy eating, he updated his followers on Instagram with a series of progress pictures alongside insights into his thought process and weight goals.

    In one post dating back to 2018, Duka shared a side by side image of where he’d started, as a fresh faced young man, without much muscle definition, before sharing a ripped and thoroughly shredded image of himself after a few months of hard graft to perfect the body he wanted.

    In a second side by side photo shared shortly after, the star showed his progress from a different angle, as he showcased just how much his back had changed as well as his streamlined abs.

    Lara Eyre

    Lara looked completely different with dark hair in a throwback snap. Fans knew the bubbly contestant as a blonde bombshell. However, in 2018, she shared a photograph on Instagram sporting brunette tresses.

    Lara and husband Richie left the show after just a few weeks. Richie said at the time that there had been a ‘"lack of communication" between the pair, while Lara claimed there was a "lot of emotional need" from her musician hubby.

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    After his exit, Lara said: "I wanted sunset walks on the beach and he wanted personal growth." Lara has been living her best life since leaving the show and recently got a new tattoo. She has gone back to her job as a waitress at a chicken shop in Nottingham and has been spending time with her two sons.

    The MAFS UK star has also been sharing plenty of photos enjoying last summer with her friends.

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