MAFS UK 2022: What happened to Whitneys mum?

MAFS UK 2022: What happened to Whitneys mum?

Married at First Sight: Whitney discusses losing her mother

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Married at First Sight UK is back and in the first episode that aired on Monday, August 29, two couples exchanged vows in the hope of finding true love. Whitney, 31, from St Albans, was one of the singletons who signed up to hand over the power to E4’s romance experts. As the premiere show progressed, fans found out more about Whitney, including the loss of her beloved mum.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Married at First Sight UK.

What happened to Whitney’s mum?

When Whitney is introduced, she isn’t the most likeable as she quickly gets into a dispute with one of the fellow brides about sleeping with someone on the first night.

While Jess said she would do so if it felt right, Whitney appeared to judge her fellow contestant who quickly labelled her a “b***h” in a separate interview.

She also said how it was in her “nature to run away from getting serious” which doesn’t bode well given that Whitney was about to get married.

A far more vulnerable side of the PA soon appeared though when she started talking about her mum.

Whitney’s mum Gillian Williams died in October 2019, in a car crash in Redbourn Road, St Albans.

In the episode, she is seen holding up a newspaper with the front page headline reading: “Beautiful smile lit up the room,” followed by a tribute from her family.

Speaking on Married at First Sight, Whitney explained: “My mum passed away, she was driving home from work and a man drove into her.

“I really miss her, I want to say she’s my best friend.

“I don’t think I would have done this before my mum but why not?

“Life is so short, just jump right in there.”

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She subsequently started up a campaign entitled “Make Redbourn Road Safe” with an online petition.

Whitney wrote on the page: “Countless lives have been destroyed on this road yet hardly anything has been done by the council to prevent this happening again.

“Please take a moment to sign this petition to encourage Hertfordshire County Council Highways to put road users’ safety first.

“Installing speed cameras and street lights can save lives!”

To date, Whitney’s petition has gained more than 5,800 signatures of support.

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Prior to MAFS UK starting, the producers spoke out in a statement about the importance of the contestant’s family.

They said: “Her mum was her best friend, and though she had a strict upbringing, she’s proud it made her the strong and independent woman she now is.

“Although she has dated lots of men on a superficial level, she’s never found anyone good enough to bring home to her family.”

But her presence wasn’t entirely missing from the ceremony when Whitney wedded 31-year-old Duka.

A picture of Whitney’s mum was sat in a front row seat and she mentioned her during her vows.

However, it wasn’t love at first sight for her as Whitney stated she wanted a man that was built like a “brick house” and not “a shed”, as she described her new husband.

So could this be the start of a wonderful marriage or is it just going to be an uphill battle from now on?

Married at First Sight airs nightly on E4 at 9pm.

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