Lucifer theories: Was Michael behind Lilith’s death?

Lucifer theories: Was Michael behind Lilith’s death?

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In Lucifer season five, part one, Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) finally learnt the truth about her mother, Lilith (L Scott Caldwell). Throughout her entire existence, Maze had always felt abandoned by her mother but was Michael the one behind Lilith’s sudden death? has everything you need to know.

Was Michael behind Lilith’s death?

In Lucifer season five, part one, Maze decided to turn against her former friend and closest ally, Lucifer Morningstar.

The duo had literally been through hell and back but after Maze learnt the truth about her mother, she suffered the ultimate betrayal.

Maze is the daughter of Lilith, who was the first wife of Adam and after their separation, God created Eve (Inbar Lavi) for Adam.

Lilith went on to birth a species of Demon called the Lilim including Maze, Dromos (Graham McTavish) and Squee, sending her children to hell to act as an army for Lucifer.

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In Lucifer season five, Maze learnt her mother gave up her immortality to Lucifer and he had hidden the truth about Lilith’s human life from Maze for thousands of years.

Maze’s mother gave up her immortality to Lucifer and abandoned her children to live her life as a human on Earth.

Sadly, Lilith died just stays after Maze was able to track down her mother.

As a result, when Maze found out the truth, she decided to side with Lucifer’s evil brother Michael on Earth who promised to find her a soul.

However, some Lucifer fans have begun to suspect Lilith’s death and Maze’s rejection of Lucifer was all part of Michael’s evil plan on Earth.

The exact reason as to why Micahel wants to destroy Lucifer’s life on Earth remains unknown but one thing is for sure, securing Maze’s loyalty will come as a huge blow to Lucifer.

After all, Lucifer and Maze’s friendship was already on the rocks after Lucifer returned to hell at the end of season four without her.

He also mocked Maze’s feelings as she searched for a soul, exclaiming she was “just a demon.”

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One Reddit usER, BlxxkBruxeWxyne said: ” Lucifer has known Lillith for far far FAR much longer so we could assume we know where his loyalties would lie.

“As far as Luci saying she’s ‘just a demon’ I don’t think he’s saying it in the way she’s receiving it, he’s saying it in a matter of fact type of way, like ‘you can’t gain a soul because of what you are’ compared to ‘because of what you are you can’t gain a soul’

“Also, the entirety of this seasons problems all fall on Michael and his jealousy and the games he’s playing with peoples fears and emotions.

“I also wouldn’t put it past him to be the reason that Lillith is dead in the first place just so he could get Maze on his side.”

On the other hand, there is the likelihood Lilith’s death was simply a coincidence.

Rainbow_drab posted: “From her perspective, from what Michael told her, Lucifer was merely keeping secrets from her that could have had an impact on her life, compounded with the fact that she tried to go get her answers from Lilith only to find that she had died.

“Maze is grieving the loss of the opportunity to connect with her mother and it complicates her anger around this issue, and she has been soul-searching for quite some time now and been completely disregarded by Lucifer in this endeavour when she had clearly been hoping that he would be on her side, or at least wish her luck, instead of dismissively laughing and saying it was impossible or telling her she is “just” a demon.

“Maze would have no problem understanding that Lucifer promised not to tell and was simply keeping his word if the circumstances hadn’t been complicated by all of those factors.

“Unfortunately, Maze has a tendency to ignore her feelings and not talk about them until everything comes to a head. She and Lucifer always forgive each other, and they will smooth things over.”

Lucifer season 4 and 5A are streaming on Netflix now

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