Lucifer plot hole: Chloe Decker causes massive error with Cain’s scar – here’s how

Lucifer plot hole: Chloe Decker causes massive error with Cain’s scar – here’s how

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The hit series Lucifer jumped from Fox to Netflix back in summer 2019. Unfortunately, the resulting change-up has resulted in a number of confusing plot holes between seasons. Fans recently spotted a strange contradiction with the mark of Cain and Chloe’s effect on her devilish partner back in season three. 


During the third season of the show’s original run on Fox, ‘Lucifans’ were instantly suspicious of Chloe Decker’s (played by Lauren German) new boss, Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling).

Former Superman Tom Welling joined the cast as the new Lieutenant for the LAPD for a major recurring role, and riled up Lucifer (Tom Ellis) when he started dating Chloe. 

However, fans were right to be wary of Chloe’s new love interest, as he was revealed to be the world’s first murderer, Cain.

Cain also took on the persona of the Sinnerman, and committed atrocious acts of murder on Earth in an effort to remove his mark from God, which cursed him with immortality.

Thankfully, his bond with mortal Chloe Decker managed to remove his mark, and Lucifer was finally able to end his life. 

It all added up to a thrilling season finale before Netflix took over, but viewers still have a few questions about how Cain was able to die.

As Chloe also had the ability to leave Lucifer vulnerable until recently, it was assumed the same blessing was able to remove Cain’s mark during their relationship. 

Unfortunately, this logic seems to fall apart in the fifth season, considering Lucifer’s weakened state around Chloe is based more on his mindset than her uncanny dampening abilities.

Over on Reddit, fans launched into a debate to discuss the major discrepancies between Lucifer’s third and fifth season. 

Redditor sn1per1423 summarised: “In season three, Pierce makes the theory that Chloe’s love makes his mark disappear and Lucifer vulnerable. 

“But in season 5a we learned that the reason that Lucifer is vulnerable is because of his self actualization.”

Several huge developments in the latest instalment of Lucifer seemed to have thrown a number of fan theories out the window.

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Now God (Dennis Haysbert) has joined the fray, it’s hoped the second half of the new season can provide some explanations before the series reaches its endgame in season six. 

Sadly, it’s still unknown when the new episodes will finally surface, leaving several fans like this one incredibly confused at the preceding events during the ongoing hiatus. 

They continued: “Does that mean that the whole time Cain had the mark he secretly knew he deserved the punishment? 

“And after he backed out of the relationship with Chloe he realized he finally did something good and didn’t think he deserved punishment? Or was it actually Chloe’s love creating a plot hole?”

Another fan came to the rescue, and reasoned it was Cain finally choosing to put another person’s well-being over his own that removed his mark.

While he started his relationship with Chloe assuming the love of another person would heal his scar, it was his decision to protect her and sacrifice himself that ultimately lifted the curse.

The road to Lucifer and God’s reunion has been long and complex, and there are still plenty of questions to be answered in the series’ remaining tenure on Netflix.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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