Love Island’s Joe desperate to reunite with Lucie after calling her parents

Love Island’s Joe desperate to reunite with Lucie after calling her parents

Joe Garratt says he wants to go back into the Love Island villa as he has some unfinished business with Lucie.

The 22-year-old – dubbed the sandwich man – was dumped from the villa and forced to face up to allegations he had been "manipulative and controlling".

In a revealing interview with Caroline Flack on Aftersun, he opened up about his time on the show.

He says he is in communication with Lucie's family – and is happy to fly back out to put things right with her.

"There has been messages back [with her family] and I've had a phone call with her parents," he said. "They were like 'Is there no opportunity for Jucie to reunite?'

"I hope so. I'd love to go back on. I'd love to get the opportunity to go back and see her.

"It would be amazing."

That got fans talking on social media – with many urging producers to make a big call and pull of a real plot twist.

"Get him back out there ASAP!" one demanded on twitter.

Another posted: "There's so much more to Joe and Lucie man…..her face if he went back in tho!"

Joe says he would have been kicked out of villa if he really had abused Lucie

He said: "It's blown out of proportion.

"It hasn't been easy, it was pretty heartbreaking – and wasn't nice to see myself portrayed like that.

"But you know how the show works. If I was [abusive] I would have been kicked out.

"I wasn't like that all. I tried to to do what I thought was right.

"If I was controlling in the slightest, I would have asked to her to come with me."

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