Love Island’s India Reynolds reveals she no longer speaks to ex Ovie Soko after horrific trolling over split

Love Island’s India Reynolds reveals she no longer speaks to ex Ovie Soko after horrific trolling over split

LOVE Island’s India Reynolds has revealed that she no longer speaks to her ex-boyfriend Ovie Soko OR her villa co-stars.

The 30-year-old opened up about the cruel online comments that she received from online trolls following her split from the professional basketball player.

The model, who appeared on the reality show in 2019, also admitted that she's no longer in regular contact with the rest of the cast.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about the trolling she experienced after the split, she said: "Yeah I was trolled various comments, I was trolled quite a lot but again I was a bit like ‘oh well, sorry hun’.

“Obviously I do get some, but it’s definitely not as bad as when I first came out."

India, who has launched her new swimwear range Pour Moi, opened up about how she deals with the vile trolling.

The brunette beauty said: “It is really bad and something has to be done about it. I personally just delete them and ignore them.

"It’s hard because you could have 100 nice comments and the one nasty one is the one that will stick in your mind.

"But I think you just really have to train yourself to ignore that and to be honest the people that are leaving the comments are probably really unhappy about themselves, it’s more of a reflection of them than you.

"Anyone that’s got anything negative to say or nasty to say just isn’t a very nice person."

The reality star also explained that she's understandably lost contact with her co-stars as she maintains a busy life.

Asking if she's still pals with the other Love Island girls and guys, she said: “Not really, I am still friends with them, we still catch up at events but I don’t have anyone that I talk to everyday."

The Love Island favourites split four months after leaving the villa despite coming third in the final.

The pair were hit by a series of cheating rumours, according to reports and decided to call it quits due to "conflicting schedules".

A source told the MailOnline that the break up was "amicable" and it was a joint decision to end things.

Ovie was hit by false rumours he'd been spotted kissing Maya Jama in a club in London, by fans on Twitter but he hit back with a loved up picture of him with India on Instagram.

It came after insiders close to Ovie told us that he's never even met Maya Jama – who announced her split from rapper Stormzy earlier that year.

Just a week earlier, India was forced to deny cheating on him with football ace Kieran Gibbs at his birthday party in Portugal. 

India is now living her best life modelling her new swimwear range and promoting body positivity.

The TV beauty revealed that she was told that she was "too big and curvy" for commercial modelling and advised that she would need to "change" to have a successful career.

She explained: "I was really lucky, when I started I did page 3, so obviously they were really accepting.

"That probably gave me a more positive attitude towards mine and other girls that I worked with bodies because we were always told to celebrate them and that curves were good.

“I think it was more when I changed over to commercial modelling, there was more pressure to look a certain way and be smaller. I was asked ‘have you put on weight?’

"There was much more attention on it. Definitely, I was lucky because I started where I was made to feel super confident and only once when I had gained that a little bit, I went into a different industry and was told to change.”

India explained that she was surprised to discover that she was considered a big girl at size 8 to 10 on the ITV2 reality show.

She said: "It’s strange because a lot of things printed saying that I was curvier than the other girls and stuff like that, it’s mad

"I’m absolutely thrilled to be called curvy, I’m really happy with it but it just shows that there is not a very well proportioned selection of women or men in there.

"If I’m a size 8-10 and being put as the 'curvy one', then I don’t think it represents bodies or women very well.

"I don’t think weight is something that should be commented on so openly, there are a lot of reasons why you could lose weight.. so I think it’s very dangerous for us to constantly comment."

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