Love Island’s Deji floored over Lacey’s confession as she jokes she’s a ‘red flag’

Love Island’s Deji floored over Lacey’s confession as she jokes she’s a ‘red flag’

Love Island's Deji Adeniyi was floored after new bombshell Lacey Edward's confession as she joked that she was a "red flag" when the pair enjoyed a flirty chat after she entered the villa.

As they sat down to chat, Lacey, 25, admitted that she had cheated on previous boyfriends, and as she referred to her red dress, she referred to herself as a "red flag".

Lacey told 25 year old Deji about her job as a showgirl dancer and how it takes her around the world.

Deji said: “You must have fell in love a million times around the world.

Lacey replied: “Yes, I’ve had three and a half serious relationships because we weren’t in a relationship but it was a cheating situation-ship.

Deji looked shocked at her confession, asking: “On his side or your side?”, to which Lacey nervously replied: “Both.”

Deji looked surprised as he said: “You’re the bad one.”

Lacey replied: “I am the bad one, and I hold my hands up but I’m trying to change so give me some credit".

After Deji told her that he was "intrigued" by her, she pointed to her dress and said "I'm dressed as a red flag", and he said: "Literally I should not be entertained but I'm entertained".

Fans of Love Island were quick to take to Twitter to voice their opinions on Lacey's confession, with one person writing: "Yes Lacey you are a walking red flag- correct".

Another wrote: "erm why is lacey treating being a red flag and a cheater like a good personality trait…"

Another viewer tweeted: "why does lacey think being a red flag is a cute little quirk or something", whilst another person wrote: "as if Lacey just said she’s dressed like a red flag, she is setting herself up to fail".

Lacey entered the villa on Wednesday night's episode of the show alongside Jamie Allen, Reece Ford and Nathalia Campos.

Their arrival has stirred up tensions with the current Islanders as especially some of the girls have been displaying a bit of jealousy.

On Thursday night's episode of the show, Lacey got a text announcing that the new Islanders each had to pick an Islander to take on a date.

Lacey chose to take Deji after she said he was hilarious, and the pair got along well as they enjoyed a picnic on the grass, although Deji confessed that he thought she might be "boring" and "like a school teacher" when she first arrived into the villa.

It obviously didn't put her off too much though, as the pair ended up sharing a steamy smooch before heading back to the villa.

Jamie chose to take Danica Taylor, 21, on a date, and those two also shared a kiss.

Nathalia took Adam Collard, 26, on the date, and Reece took Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, although both Adam and Ekin-Su made it clear that they were sticking with their partners, Paige Thorne (Adam's) and Davide Sanclimenti, 27, (Ekin-Su's).


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