Love Island’s Anna breaks down in tears as she splits with Jordan and Maura screams at Curtis for getting involved in the love triangle – The Sun

Love Island’s Anna breaks down in tears as she splits with Jordan and Maura screams at Curtis for getting involved in the love triangle – The Sun

LOVE Island's Anna Vakili breaks down in tears in tonight's show as she cuts ties with Jordan Hames following their furious bust up.

The beauty claims she was "tricked" into a relationship and questions why she fell for Jordan's charms and isn't in a stable partnership.

In the beach hut, Anna weeps: "Why can't I be that girl who comes in here and finds someone who really likes me, and wants to treat me well?

"Why do I have to be the girl that comes in here and gets tricked into a relationship?"

She turns to the girls for comfort, and in a group chat Maura Higgins learns that Curtis Pritchard advised Jordan to crack on with India Reynolds after he admitted to having feelings for her behind Anna's back.

Amber says: "Curtis's advice to Jordan was 'pull India before you pull Anna, because Anna's gonna kick off and you're not gonna have a chance to speak to India.'"

The news comes as a major shock to Maura who immediately seeks out her man for a tense chat in the garden.

Curtis insists the situation is nothing to do with the pair of them, but Maura reminds him that by advising Jordan it very much is.

When she asks if he would do the same in Jordan's position, Curtis admits he doesn't know, further riling Maura.

As she walks off leaving Curtis alone, the professional dancer looks worried. Could this be the end of their romance?

Last night Maura sparked a huge row in the villa when she told Anna that Jordan's head has been turned and he fancied India.

The shock U-turn came just one day after Jordan planned an elaborate journey around the villa to ask Anna to be his girlfriend.

Jordan opened up to Curtis about his confusion and the next day Curtis told Maura who was left furious.

Later she spotted Jordan taking India for a chat and thought he was about to confess his feelings before speaking to Anna.

So she told Anna what she knew – causing the massive row.

Storming over to Jordan and India, Anna confronted both of them and was determined to get answers.

"I think I’ve confirmed the location of my head…India," Jordan told Curtis after thinking about his feelings overnight.

The next evening, Curtis spoke with Maura on the bean bags and told her about Jordan’s doubts over Anna and his new feelings for India.

"I’ve been speaking with Jordan. Basically, he is a little bit confused. He has feelings for India," Curtis said.

"Sorry, what?!" startled Maura answered.

Curtis wanted her to keep it a secret but shocked Maura told Anna immediately.

Meanwhile, Jordan asked India for a chat on the sun deck.

Back at the bean bags, Maura noticed that Jordan was having a chat with India.

Maura fumed: "Is he going to do that before talking to Anna? I don’t believe this!"


While Curtis tried to explain, Maura got up and pulled Anna for a chat.

"He’s cracking on with India. He likes India," she told her friend.

"How do you know?" Anna demanded.

Maura replied: "Curtis told me. He’s pulled her for a chat right now."

Anna got up and headed straight over to Jordan and India’s conversation at the sun deck to get answers.

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