Love Island's Anna branded ‘poisonous’ as she confronts Michael but then cracks on with Jordan again

Love Island's Anna branded ‘poisonous’ as she confronts Michael but then cracks on with Jordan again

LOVE Island's Anna has been branded "poisonous" by viewers after she blasted Michael and appeared to be trying to crack on with  Jordan – despite dumping him for Otie.

The 28-year-old lost her temper at ex-friend Michael after he fell for new girl Joanna – leaving Amber single.

She accused him of "changing overnight" as she launched into a furious attack on his character.

One viewer said: "The way amber and Anna are in Amy’s ear, they are proper poisonous girls man. #LoveIsland."

Another added: "If you cut Anna in half, she’ll just bleed poison. Horrible human being #loveisland."

Someone else said: "Danny and Yewande fall out. Anna gets involved, makes things worse and gets childish. Anna is the problem! She's poison and just wants to boot off!"

While others thought her friend Amber was just as bad after she called Joanna a "dead ting".

In last night's show Amber sat down with Anna and slammed Joanna, boasting: "I can physically say I'm better than her in every way.

One fan wrote: "Amber and Anna are poisonous man #LoveIsland."

Another added: "Tomorrow night's highlights justifying Michael’s decision. Amber and Anna are poisonous #loveisland."

Amber called Michael's new girl Joanna a 'dead ting

Credit: ITV

Anna also got close to her ex Jordan

Another added: "Anna and amber can both fuck off, ones a hypocrite and the other one doesn’t like the taste of her own medicine. Poisonous #loveisland."

Meanwhile Anna was caught in a love triangle of her own when she returned with new boy Ovie – leaving Jordan single.

It came after Anna appeared to crack on to Jordan, who she brutally dumped in the recoupling.

She admitted she "missed" him and was surprised he hadn't cracked on with a girl.

The pair shared a tender moment – and Anna even kissed his neck the next morning as they embraced.

It led some fans to believe they could get back together.

While others are convinced that Anna, Amber and Ovie will have the show's first threesome.

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