Love Island viewers left in tears over Kais emotional speech for Sanam during final

Love Island viewers left in tears over Kais emotional speech for Sanam during final

Love Island fans were left in tears following Kai Fagan's final speech for Sanam Harrinanan.

The pair, who coupled up after meeting during Casa Amor, left viewers declaring them the most genuine couple after Kai's sweet speech.

"You are the most caring and intelligent girl I've ever met," he told her.

"I dedicated all my time and effort to getting to know you on a deeper level. Every conversation we have you continue to amaze me and draw me closer to you, with all our dreams, goals and morals aligning.

"I don't think I've ever met somebody I'm so compatible with, both coming from Caribbean backgrounds, working with children because we genuinely want to make a difference, and we both value relationships and family above anything else.

"My time in here has literally been a dream since I met you. Sanam, you're one of a kind, my girl, and I'm just so happy to have you in my life because I adore you and I can't wait to see what the future has in store."

The speech made several Love Island viewers emotional.

"Not my tears at Kai's speech," tweeted one.

"Soulmates I tell ya .. that’s what Kai ’s speech screams," agreed another, with several crying emojis.

While another tweeted: "Nah I know this is a #loveisland thing but reading the letters in front of the other couples is uncomfy," before adding: "I say this and I’m sobbing at Kai and Sanam's speech to each other."

Others commended Kai and Sanam for being so genuine in their speeches compared to the other couples.

"Kai actually saying real things in his speech and not just the usual cringy stuff," commended one viewer, with a clapping emoji.

Another agreed: " Kai and Sanam’s speech ’s don’t make me cringe and that says enough… the only real couple."

"Omg Kai’s speech has made me love him as a person! What a lovely guy! So genuine with amazing morals!" declared another viewer.

""Working with children because we both genuinely want to make a difference" HOW CAN YOU NOT MAKE KAI AND SANAM YOUR WINNERS," pleaded another fan.

Another fan praised both of them: "Kai and Sanam's speech was so thoughtful … you see how in sync they are and it's beautiful."

"After Kai and Sanam's speech I don't wanna hear the rest fast forward pls," joked one fan.

"That was the best speech this show has ever had," declared another viewer, while another even wrote: "I don’t normally vote but Kai’s speech is acc the sweetest," with several crying smiling emojis.


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