Love Island viewers angry at Tyler for sharing private chat with Kaz to Jake

Love Island viewers angry at Tyler for sharing private chat with Kaz to Jake

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Fans of Love Island were outraged as Tyler Cruickshank sold out Kaz Kamwi in a private chat with the lads about the growing issues between Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole.

After Liberty had spoken to Jake earlier in the episode about her worries, Faye was seen talking to Teddy about how she thought Jake was a “showman”, with Kaz speaking to Tyler about her own worries for the pair.

Following on from a challenge that saw fans dubbing Jake and Liberty the most one sided relationship and most likely to break up, the boys went for a private chat about the problem between the pair.

While Tyler shared what Kaz had asked him earlier, Teddy kept his mouth shut about the chat with Faye.

Tyler said: "Me and Kaz were just having a normal conversation, and she stopped, looked me dead in my eyes and said 'do you think he's genuine?'

"And I was like 'f*** me yeah you're starting to believe it now as well' sort of thing."

Jake then added: "And that's coming from talking to Kaz about it."

With Tyler replying: "Exactly! This is what I'm saying"

Fans on Twitter were angry at Tyler for selling out Kaz in the chat, with one saying: “Nah why’s Tyler gone and dropped kaz in it. Teddy didn’t say anything about what Faye said, wish he had now #loveisland”.

Another said: “Teddy knows how to keep his mouth shut boy bc he’s not even saying what Faye said #loveisland”.

A third commented: “Tyler you need to pipe down and be like Teddy. See how Teddy didn’t air anything Faye said #loveisland”.

Fans had previously been overjoyed by Faye’s comments about Jake to Teddy.

Faye was seen privately whispering to Teddy: "I love him, so much, but he's a showman.

"He done the girlfriend thing because he's a showman.

"I can promise you that won't work on the outside".

As the problems between Jake and Liberty grew, Liberty took Jake to the balcony where he said he loved her, calming the situation.

Trouble may still be in paradise though as the preview for Sunday's episode showed the girls sharing with Liberty that he may have just been saying what she wanted to hear to fix the problems between them.

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Love Island airs Sunday at 9pm on ITV2

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