Love Island first look as parents arrive in villa and give their verdict on couples

Love Island first look as parents arrive in villa and give their verdict on couples

Tonight's Love Island will see the return of the fan-favourite Meet The Parents episode, as the islanders' families and friends head to the villa.

While relaxing in the garden, Ron and Lana are the first to get a shock as Ron’s dad Rodney and friend Harry arrive, joined by Lana’s mum Rachel and friend Rebecca.

Appearing on the terrace, they make their entrance as Lana and Ron run into the Villa to greet them. Out in the garden Ron’s friend Harry tells him: “I can’t believe you’ve got a girlfriend, I never thought I’d see the day.”

The time then comes for both families to meet one another and Ron’s dad says: “You make a lovely couple.”

Lana’s mum agrees as she says: “They do, don’t they.”

Ron asks Lana’s mum: “Any hesitations about me, what's the impression? Be honest, I don’t mind.”

Upon leaving the Villa, Lana’s mum and Ron’s dad share a hug as he says: “When you see them, you know it’s real, the way they look at eachother you can just see.”

Next to enter the Villa is Tanya’s mum Polite and her Auntie Cynthia alongside Shaq’s sister Tahira and friend Levi.

When both families meet, Tanya’s Auntie Cynthia says: “We’ve seen you guys from the start, we’ve seen you grow, we’ve seen you fall out, we’ve seen you pick up the pieces, we’ve seen you make up and to me, that’s love.”

However it may not be all positives, as Shaq admits to Tanya and her family: “My sister had a few choice words to say.”

Tom and Samie are next to see their families as Samie’s mum Wendy and sister Courtney head into the Villa alongside Tom’s mum Maxine and sister Laura.

As Tom catches up with his family, his sister Laura says: “She’s unbelievable, you make such a good couple, how affectionate you are with each other, you’re always looking for each other, it’s just so nice to see. I think she’s the one for you.”

Samie asks her mum and sister: ‘Do you like him?” Samie’s mum then replies: “He’s so lovely, he absolutely adores you Samie and you really like him don’t you? I’ve never seen you like this, ever.”

As both families meet, they catch up on the day beds talk soon turns to the talent show as Samie’s mum says: “Can I just say, the singing, we’re going to karaoke… because I can’t sing either.”

Next in to visit the Villa is Kai’s mum Jill and step-dad Kenneth alongside Sanam’s mum Gayatri and friend Imaan. Sanam asks her mum: “What do you think of Kai?”

Sanam’s mum replies: “He seems like a pretty amazing person and he said that he will look after you.”

As the families meet for the first time Kai’s step-dad tells Sanam: “You look perfect together, I couldn’t have wished for a better partner for him.”

Coming all the way from Australia, the final set of relatives to visit the Villa are Jessie’s mum Alice and sister Rachel along with Will’s dad Andrew and brother Tom.

Surprised her sister and mum have travelled so far, Jessie is emotional as she reunites with them, she asks: “What do you think of Will?” Jessie’s mum says: “We love him, we all love him, Dad adores him.”

Will invites Jessie and her family over to the fire pit as they meet for the first time and says: “It’s so lovely to see you guys here, from the bottom of my heart, it’s so lovely to see you two.”

Jessie’s mum tells Will: “I’ve watched you support her and love her, you’ve got our hearts too and her dad’s ready for the two of you to get married.”



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