Love Island fans nickname Molly-Mae 'Money-Mae' as she's accused of fake crying again in bid to win £50k cash prize

Love Island fans nickname Molly-Mae 'Money-Mae' as she's accused of fake crying again in bid to win £50k cash prize

LOVE Island's Molly-Mae suffered another blow as fans nicknamed her "Money-Mae" after she "fake cried to win the £50,000 cash prize".

The Instagram star has come under fire numerous times from viewers who are convinced she's pretending to like boyfriend Tommy Fury in order to get to the final of the show.

And last night as the couple enjoyed their last date together in the villa in a beautiful ballroom setting, Molly opened up to Tommy about how he had transformed her Island experience.

But people at home could only concentrate on her facial expressions and cruelly branded her with the nickname Money-Mae.

One person wrote on Twitter: "money-mae really needs to work on her crocodile tears #loveisland"

Another moaned: "That 50K is within reach ayye Money-mae?#LoveIsland"

Another reasoned: "…Why ain't no one clockin onto Money-Mae in the Villa for bein fake?"

Despite their harsh comments, others said they finally saw Molly-Mae cry real tears as water glistened under her eyes as she spoke about Tommy.

She told him: "I just didn't think for one minute that it would become what it's become. I just want to thank you…. why am I getting upset?"

The conversation then moved onto their plans for the future, with Molly bringing up the subject of them living together, and Tommy agreed it was a good idea.

Molly admits: "I feel like we’ve done so much in there. The next thing would be moving in together. It’s even scary to say it!"

And one fan commented: "Actual real tears from molly this time …oooooh kill em"

As another confessed: "Tommy and Molly-Mae had me in tears too on that date, beautiful"

Another viewer celebrated as they said: "Catching up on last nights love island, oh my god Molly-Mae is just a dream"


And one more suggested on Twitter: "I dont understand why everyone hates molly-mae and think shes on love island for the money. 1) i think she actually does like tommy the way she says she does and 2) funny thing is, they're ALL on love island for the money. think some people are just jealous of her"

Love Island will continue on Sunday and see the islanders reunited with their family members.

Molly-Mae sprang from her cushion and screamed when she spotted her sister and mum enter the villa in the first look that aired last night.

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