Love Island fans convinced they’ve spotted a 'secret feud' between two girls in the villa – but did you see it?

Love Island fans convinced they’ve spotted a 'secret feud' between two girls in the villa – but did you see it?

LOVE Island fans think they've clocked a feud in the villa between Chloe Burrows and Priya Gopaldas – after the marketing exec was seen smiling as she was dumped.

Last night, viewers watched as medical student Priya and partner Brett Staniland were booted out after the Islanders had to vote for the "least compatible" couple.

Interestingly Chloe was given the task to announce which couple would leave the Island – and fans noticed how she smirked reading their names aloud leading some to believe the two girls didn't get on.

Taking to Twitter to air their opinions, one penned: "Loool I love how Chloe was smiling when she said that Priya & Brett have been dumped & then she had to fix her face and act sad, like same sis haha".

"can’t lie i love the way chloe smiled when she said priya and brett," another commented.

A third shared: "Nahh Chloe could not hide her glee when announcing Priya and Brett" alongside several cry-laughing-face emojis.

"I love Chloe," a viewer wrote. "Her face when she read out Priya and Brett were dumped from the island".

"loool chloe’s face when she read out priya and Brett’s names, she was low-key happy it wasn’t Liberty and Jake," another fan said.

Priya and Brett were up against Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish during last night's dumping.

The medical student, 23, had complained to the girls that the model, 27, left her feeling like she was "zoning out" of their conversations prior to the dumping.

During Sunday's dinner dates Priya then admitted to the girls she wasn't enjoying her date with Brett.

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And on last night's episode, Priya explained why to Liberty and Kaz at the fire pit.

"My date with Brett didn’t go very well," she said. "He’s quite boring. His boring side, I never picked up on.”

“When we’ve been chatting before, I can talk to him for hours and hours."

Meanwhile, Brett had a different take on their date as he talked to Faye and Teddy on the swing seat.

Faye asked: “You had your date tonight [with Priya]. How did that go?”

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Brett said: “It was great. It was the first time we’d sat alone opposite each other since we had our first ever date. It was lovely.”

Later, Priya tried to friendzone Brett and said: “I know you’re tactile and you’re holding my hand but sometimes when you’re quite serious, it feels like more of a friend.”

But Brett didn't understand and said: “If you want me to be more affectionate in a sexier and flirtier way, cool.”

Priya said: “Obviously you’re an attractive man.”

The next day, Brett found out about Priya’s comments about their date to the girls and decided to confront her.

Now it's clear the couple will just be friends as they leave the villa.

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