Love Island 2023 villa mishaps – misspellings, tacky hideaway and torn condoms

Love Island 2023 villa mishaps – misspellings, tacky hideaway and torn condoms

Love Island's third Winter installment has come to an end, and as fans await the Summer version, which will be the show's tenth series, we've had a look back at this year's show.

The islanders were welcomed to a brand new South African villa, with bosses promising the show to be the "most sporty series yet."

The villa, located in Franschhoek, near Cape Town boasted a huge and lengthy swimming pool, perfect for swimming laps or inflatable races as we saw in the Sports Day challenge.

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The interior is dotted with neon signs in every corner, reading words like 'Get Sexy' and 'Impulse.'

Despite the hype for the villa, while the show was on, eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but spot some huge mishaps around the £1.2million mansion.

Tacky hideaway

The hideaway is a separate bedroom away from the main room where the islanders sleep in close proximity to one another.

Couples can be nominated by their fellow contestants to spend a night alone and viewers have been subject to some racy going-ons when watching the couples have a night to themselves.

In previous season, the hideaway has been known as the best room in the villa, with decorations and 'tools' to encourage a night of romance for the lucky pair that spend a night in there, however, this year, fans weren't so fond of the room.

"Seriously stop showing the hideaway it's so cheap and tacky," one fan tweeted, while another put: "I really wouldn’t describe the interior of the hideaway as stunning it’s nice to have privacy but the room itself is very tacky."

Awkward spelling mistake

Viewers were distracted by an embarrassing spelling blunder found on the walls of the girls' dressing room in the villa.

One eagle-eyed fan shared their screenshot of the mistakenly spelt villa decoration which read "impluse" instead of "impulse."

"What is written on the wall? Impluse??" they wrote, tagging the photo in a Reddit thread. Fans began cackling as they realised the epic mistake posted on the wall of the girl's dressing room, sending in their hilarious comments.

One commented: "Oh my god," followed by a series of crying-laughing emojis.

Another told fans: "Pluse means something quite different!"

Sickness bug

The villa was met with chaos shortly after the series started when cast and crew came down with a horible sickness that left some of the cast bed bound.

A source told The Sun: "Love Island might look very sexy on the television but behind the scenes there has been a bug going around.

"As well as rushing to the Beach Hut for a chat, the islanders have also been dashing off to use the loo. It has been pretty rough for some of them.

"Some of the production team have also been affected by the sickness bug," they revealed before adding: "It has torn its way through the set and the aftermath has been less than appealing.

“Despite this, the cast have still been going all out to impress their partners. The bug has certainly given all the islanders a dose of reality."

Paddling pools

Fans were left feeling confused after they found out the villa had a paddling pool for the islanders to dip into.

Despite there being a huge pool for the contestants to lounge in, Lana Jenkins, Shaq Muhammad and Will Young decided to have a deep conversation while only dipping their toes into the smaller pool.

Fans were put off by this awkward gesture, with one writing: "Standing in the pool looks mad awkward like go sit on the side at least #LoveIsland."

A second put: "That shallow pool is making this even more painfully awkward #LoveIsland."

A third wrote: "What’s going on with the paddling pool at the villa? #LoveIsland."

Leftover condom wrappers

Speaking to the Mail Online, Casa Amor hunk Martin Akinola revealed a dirty discovery he stumbled upon shortly after being brought back to the villa by Tanya Manhenga after she left Shaq Muhammad.

He confessed that he was left feeling disgusted after finding three torn condom wrappers in the drawers of the bed he shared with Tanya, acknowledging that this was the same bed she shared with Shaq.

He said: 'I didn't cry… I'm a strong guy and I don't let anything rattle me, but do you know what… when we went back to the main villa, they put me and Tanya in the same bed she shared with Shaq from day one. I was like this is savage… why would you do this?

"There was a time I opened one of the drawers underneath the bed and I found three torn condom wrappers… I was looking for a space to put my shoes and I saw that!"

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