Louise Minchin lifts lid on really tough BBC Breakfast experience I

Louise Minchin lifts lid on really tough BBC Breakfast experience I

Louise Minchin says she doesn’t miss the BBC Breakfast hours

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Louise Minchin became a household name after her successful time spent presenting the BBC flagship morning TV show, Breakfast. The broadcaster forged popular on screen partners in the late Bill Turnbull and more recently Dan Walker, but the star left last year and she confirmed she is not missing the early starts.

Louise appeared on the Lorraine sofas on Thursday in a role reversal from her time interviewing a range of famous faces on the BBC show.

The host probed her about her time on the rival station and asked: “I guess you don’t have time to miss BBC Breakfast?”

Louise replied: “It’s so strange, I walked in and thought ‘Oh my gosh I spent so much time walking in this room’ but on a different coloured sofa.

“I don’t miss the hours, the hours were really tough and I loved my job and I loved the people I worked with.”

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The former BBC star added: “But, that relentless 3.40am, you’ll know this and anybody who does shift work will know, that 3.40 in the morning for me and many people is really tough.”

Lorraine, who has presented breakfast TV shows herself for over 30 years herself understood, she added: “You did it for a long time.”

Louise remarked: “I did it for 20 years,” to which Lorraine jovially replied: “That’s a long time!”

Since Louise left the red sofas of BBC Breakfast, her TV partner Dan also jumped ship, when he joined Channel 5 after his departure in May this year.

The veteran presenter, who ran triathlons for Great Britain’s Age Group team, also reflected on her family life since leaving BBC Breakfast.

She discussed experiencing “empty nest syndrome”, since her second daughter Scarlett left home last week.

Louise revealed: “You get to this moment, you go, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I don’t have to do all the washing up, I don’t have to clean all the clothes, tidy the house.’

“You have this huge sense of release and freedom.”

Louise added: “However, it didn’t take long for Louise to start feeling the loss of having her family of four reduced to three.

She continued: “And nobody warned me, none of my friends warned me, that this was going to be really hard.

“It completely blew me away. Mia left to go to uni three years ago and I was unprepared. unprepared for the silence and the sense of loss and sadness.”

Louise declared: “I do talk about it a bit now. So many people get in touch going, ‘I know exactly how you feel.’”

Louise has two children with her husband, restaurateur David Minchin, who she married in 1998.

Her daughter Scarlett moved out three years to the day after her first daughter Mia did the same.

In an emotional post on her Instagram stories, the TV personality wrote to her 131,000 followers she was, “trying to smile through the days since both my daughters left for uni”.

She added: “Any advice for any empty-nesters?”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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