Lorraine viewers reeling over her comments about the new Princess Diana statue

Lorraine viewers reeling over her comments about the new Princess Diana statue

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Lorraine Kelly has angered viewers of her daytime ITV chat show due to her comments on the newly unveiled Princess Diana statue.

The statue was showcased on Thursday with her two royal sons finally reuniting for the occasion, marking what would be her 60th birthday.

When talking to Russell Myers, the royal editor at Lorraine, she said: "I don't really like it, I'm sorry, I don't know what you think.

"I don't really like the outfit.

"What I do like is the strength, you know, she looks very strong."

Russell then responded with: "Well it's quite big. It's towering.

To which the host replied: "It is, it's bigger than she was."

Russell then shared with viewers that the monument is one and a quarter times life-size.

He then added: "Then it's on a plinth, so it's absolutely towering."

"I thought the boys almost looked like two little children looking up at it."

He then told the talk show presenter that it is guaranteed to polarise opinion.

The 61-year-old replied: "I know, I just don't think it does her justice, I know there's good intentions but…"

The Mirror reporter then chimed in to say: "But are any modern statues any good? I mean that's the issue."

"At least it's not sort of Cristiano Ronaldo sort of statue that monstrosity that we all know about."

The presenter then nodded replied: "I know, that was terrible."

But viewers were fuming over the host's comments about the royal statue and took to social media to express their emotions.

One said: "Why does Lorraine have to tell viewers that she doesn't like Diana's statue. We don't like your show, you are always disparaging someone!"

Another replied: "Showing her true colours, but she's right it is questionable"

A third tweeted: "She doesn't have to like it, but she doesn't need to tell us in the way she did either! Mask slipping!"

A fourth said: "#lorraine telling us she doesn't like the statue of Diana and @rjmyers doing his best to counter her. We don't care for your opinion Lorraine keep it to yourself. Stop with being "bekind"."

Though ome fans jumped to Lorraine's defence and backed up the TV presenter's points.

One tweeted: "That statue does the lass no favours / looks like the pigeons have been perched on it ! #lorraine"

A second said: "I agree with @reallorraine – I don't like the statue, I feel bad. I loved Diana. I just don't think the outfit works. Such a strange choice. #DianaStatue #Lorraine"

The royal reporter tried to argue the case that the statue was more representative of Diana's later years, hence why the lack of glamour.

Russell added: "It's from her later years, they wanted to represent the time that she was more confident in her humanitarian work.

"Whether they have achieved that – is a matter of debate."

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