Line of Duty season 6: Who is DCI Jo Davidson related to? Potential family revealed

Line of Duty season 6: Who is DCI Jo Davidson related to? Potential family revealed

Line of Duty: Showbiz insider discusses 'clue' spotted by fans

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Line of Duty season six has been investigating DCI Jo Davidson (played by Kelly Macdonald) who is suspected of being involved with the Organised Crime Group (OCG). Not only did she give the order to delay a vital arrest in the murder of Gail Vella (Andi Osho), she has withholding information, such as the robbery at the journalist’s place of work. So it was decided by AC-12 that a wider search needed to be conducted.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Line of Duty.

Jo was in a relationship with Sergeant Farida Jatri (Anneika Rose) who is now in prison for perverting the course of justice and is suspected of working with the OCG.

She was going to speak to AC-12 but when she had her wrist broken by a corrupt prison guard, she decided against it for her own safety.

So instead, the team had the forensic team look through her home, to find evidence to show that Jo had been living there and could have planted the burner phones which were earlier found.

While there, not only did they discover Jo’s DNA, DI Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) said they discovered that she is actually a blood relative of someone who was already on their files.

The drama ended before fans could find out who it was but who are the possibilities?

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Who is DCI Jo Davidson related to? 

John Corbett 

John Corbett (Stephen Graham) was in season five of Line of Duty, working as an undercover officer in the OCG.

He was working as part of Operation Pear Tree which was to find corrupt high-ranking police officers who were working with criminals.

A theory has already previously gone around regarding Jo’s relation to John because of the picture of herself and presumably her mum in the flat.

The woman has a strong resemblance to John’s mum who was originally from Ireland.

John was adopted and moved to Liverpool, so if Jo was his sister, she could have moved to Scotland which would explain the difference in accents.

Lindsay Denton

DCI Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes) was a major character in seasons two and three, having initially been involved in an incident which led to the death of four officers.

She was also the one to help expose some of the members of the pedophile ring before being murdered by DI Dot Cotton (Craig Parkinson).

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “Jo Davison is gonna be related to Linsey Denton, I just feel it.”

Jackie Laverty 

Another name mentioned is businesswoman and lover of DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James), Jackie Laverty (Gina McKee).

She was killed off in the first series, with parts of her body being stored in Terry Boyle’s (Tommy Jessop) freezer.

Some of Jackie’s remains were only discovered in the previous series.


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DCC Andrea Wise 

DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider) is at the top of the Metropolitan Police and the one in charge of Detective Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar).

Earlier in season four, she said he needed to retire and that AC-12 would be merged with other corruption units.

Taking a screenshot of DCC Wise, a fan tweeted: “#lineofduty my guess at the blood relative is…”

Could she be the one who is related to Jo, explaining why she’s putting the breaks on Ted’s investigation?

Tommy Hunter 

Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardle) is one of the four H’s and has been playing an important role in the OCG, even from beyond the grave.

He helped to train up Dot and Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper), was using Carly Kirk (Charlotte Spencer) for his own benefits in season two and continues to be brought up time and time again.

Another fan believes that he could be the mysterious relative of DCI Davidson.

They posted: “#LineOfDuty has to be Tommy Hunter right? Scottish. Takes the whole thing full circle. But would DNA last the ten years of narrative? If so, phenomenal plotting @jed_mercurio”.

Line of Duty season 6 airs every Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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