Kerry Katona convinced she's being 'visited by the dead' as she spots 'orb' floating in her living room at home

Kerry Katona convinced she's being 'visited by the dead' as she spots 'orb' floating in her living room at home

KERRY Katona is convinced she's being "visited by the dead" after she spotted an "orb" floating in her living room.

The singer, 41, has revealed she has been left spooked by a mysterious blob that appeared in her home.

She shared the spooky video on Instagram and you can see a green dot moving around.

Kerry wrote next to the clip: "So the lights were going dim and then bright by themselves to which this green flying dot turned up!!

"Can somebody please tell me what it is?? Which then disappears and turns into a orb!!!"

Fans took to the comments to share their thoughts, with this one saying: "That’s kinda scary AF."

Another said: "Defo spirits. I have them too."

While this follower was skeptical and wrote: "It's just dust particles that reflect light on a mobile camera."

This isn't the first time Kerry has revealed she thinks her home is haunted.

Last month she recalled the moment she was left terrified by a ghost that haunted her home.

Kez opened up about her experience with the paranormal ahead of Halloween and claimed the spooky presence named John wanted to snatch her son Max.

The former Atomic Kitten hitmaker was asked in an interview with OK! Magazine whether she had ever encountered a ghost when she made the admission.

She shared: "Yeah, we had a paranormal activity team at our house. It was about six years ago.

"They told us there was a man in the house called John and he wanted us to leave – and that he wanted my son Max.

"It was when George [Kay, Kerry’s late husband] was still alive and they also told us that John gave George Bell’s palsy."


Max is Kerry's 13-year-old son from her marriage to ex-husband Mark Croft, who she also welcomed Heidi, 14, with.

The I'm A Celeb alum also is mum to Molly, 20, Lilly-Sue, 18, and seven-year-old Dylan-Jorge.

After sharing the spine-chilling experience, Kerry revealed she's often been visited by spirits and claimed that the lights in her current Chester home are "constantly turning on and off".

"It happened in my old house and it’s been happening here, too," the TV star added. "My bedroom is like a bloody disco!"

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