Kelvin Fletchers wife takes swipe at ITV as show pulled from air in shake-up

Kelvin Fletchers wife takes swipe at ITV as show pulled from air in shake-up

ITV Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher's wife Liz took to social media to reveal that she was unimpressed by Fletcher's on the Farm being pulled from air.

The ITV show follows Kelvin and his wife as they work on their farm and share a glimpse into their "dream lifestyle" with their four kids.

However, Liz was not happy when the latest episode of the show was pulled from air from the broadcaster in favour of live coverage of football.

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Posting a snap to her 108,000 followers on social media, Liz shared a selfie with three of her four children as they all smiled at the camera.

Revealing how unimpressed she was, she penned: "No Fletchers on the farm today because of the football" as she added a rolling eye emoji at the end.

However, it wasn't all bad news as she revealed that the fourth episode of the series would be back on air the following Sunday.

Speaking about the programme before the first episode, Kelvin said: "It is a brand new series and coming home! Back to ITV. In many respects, this has been a long time in the making and we have been here at the farm for two years now. We have established a home here.

"The whole purpose of this programme is to give a real and genuine insight into how life on the farm is.

"We are considered new entrants to farming, so even though it’s been our home for two years, we are still very much the newbies in town. We have never done anything like this before. We haven’t come from farming backgrounds. We have literally taken a leap of faith and done the unthinkable and decided to uproot and move out to the middle of nowhere and start living off the land.

"As crazy as it sounds, that is exactly what we have done. The only catalyst inthat really was I guess to live a simpler life, in the respects of we have our little family, you know what more do we really need? But then with that and trying to chase a simple life, inevitably it’s a huge adventure and it’s a step into the unknown."

The couple's four children – Marnie, six, Milo, four, as well as twins Mateusz and Maximus, one – all appear on the series.

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