Kate Garraway defends ‘untidy’ house after criticism from Finding Derek viewers

Kate Garraway defends ‘untidy’ house after criticism from Finding Derek viewers

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Kate Garraway chuckled as she revealed some viewers watching Finding Derek criticised her 'untidy house'.

The 53-year-old television star's husband Derek was hospitalised over a year ago after he contracted coronavirus and he remains seriously ill.

Speaking to Susanna Reid and Adil Ray on today's Good Morning Britain about the reaction to the documentary, Kate said the remarks about her home made her laugh.

After saying she was overwhelmed by the response from fans, Kate said: "I also smiled at the number of people who pointed out how really untidy I am.

"Can I just say there were builders in at the time!"

Adil joked: "I've heard it makes no difference in your house whether there's builders there or not, to be honest!"

"Don't get a documentary crew around today," Kate chuckled.

Susanna added: "That just shows how down to earth you are, Kate. Don't you think?"

Kate received some critical comments from viewers who took to Twitter to comment on her home during the documentary.

One said: "I’m 100% behind Kate Garraway and she has all my sympathy but my god the state of that house is giving me an anxiety attack".

While another wrote: "I was shocked watching the Kate Garraway doc last night. The state of her house…"

Others rushed to her defence as one penned: "I love that Kate Garraway is just a normal person. You can tell a lot from a person by their house. No matter her fame, she’s just a working Mum doing the best for her family."

"I love her even more seeing how normal her house is. Clutter is comforting isn't it," gushed another.

Kate recently assured her fans "we can all get through this together" after the ITV documentary Finding Derek aired.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Kate shared a professional shot to promote the documentary to her 985,000 followers.

In the snap, she can be seen sitting on her kitchen floor having a hot drink.

The caption read: "Do let me know your thoughts and share your stories. Here’s mine – tonight 9pm ITV. [sic]."

She added: "Sending lots of love to everyone on the 1 year anniversary of lockdown – we have all suffered – we can all get through this together. #hope #betterdaysarecoming #love". [sic]

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