Kate Ferdinand shares cryptic post about ignoring ‘drama and stress’ after she cried daily following baby Cree’s birth

Kate Ferdinand shares cryptic post about ignoring ‘drama and stress’ after she cried daily following baby Cree’s birth

KATE Ferdinand has shared a cryptic post about ignoring "drama and stress" in her life after admitting she struggled after her baby's birth.

The new mum told The Sun's Fabulous magazine that she cried every day for five weeks after Cree's birth almost three months ago.

"I don't want to be around drama, conflict or stress," the 29-year-old mum's post read.

"I want to be around happy people, have happy times and a happy life."

Last weekend Kate was Fabulous' cover star and told the magazine that after a pretty smooth pregnancy, she suffered a gruelling birth that culminated in an emergency caesarean.

The experience left her devastated because the recovery was painful and slow – for weeks she was effectively bed-ridden and unable to perform the simplest of tasks.

Although husband Rio, 42, was a pillar of support, Kate felt frustrated and desperately sad that she couldn’t pick up Cree from his crib herself, finding it difficult even to change his nappies.

On top of that, she felt guilty for not spending more time with her stepchildren, Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and nine-year-old Tia, who also needed her.

The hopes and expectations she’d had were shattered, which she struggled to accept at the time.

“I think I cried every single day for about five weeks,” she said.

“You expect to be doing everything you possibly can for your baby and when you can’t… It was something I really struggled with.

"I was in my own little world, I felt really confused and had lots of anxiety and I didn’t think anyone understood.

“I was all over the place emotionally. I couldn’t even put my trousers on or my knickers. I kept dropping my phone or towel on the floor and wasn’t able to pick them up.

"I’d be standing there, shouting for someone to come help me, thinking: ‘What has happened to me?’ I felt so helpless. I also have three big kids to look after, but I couldn’t even eat dinner with them because it was too difficult to get up and down the stairs.

“It was close to Christmas and I’m usually the one jumping around doing stupid things, singing Christmas songs and it just wasn’t what I expected it to be.

"Looking back, I put too much pressure on myself, and everyone was telling me that at the time.

"But you just want to be able to do it all for your baby."

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